I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Grandmother's Tea set

Hello everyone,
It's Sunday evening, and I am sitting in the living room watching the
2018 Olympic Games and writing the story of my Paternal Grandmother's tea set.
 The photos are from the selections I used for January 2019 Tea Time calendar.
 January I am featuring my Lenten Rose flowers from my winter garden
 and my grandmother's tea set and garden scissors. 
As you browse from one photo to another,
you will see different styles with the cups
and the flowers. I try several methods and check
where my eye goes the moment I look at 
the photo on the computer
The golden scissors with the detail on the handles and the delicately embroidered
tea towel and the lenten rose with a bud on the stem makes an eye-catching statement.

The tea set is a gift from my mother. My paternal grandmother inherited the tea
set from her mother-in-law (my great-grandmother) They are marked RS Prussia on the back
I have six dessert plates and six teacups and six saucers.
The teacups, saucers and dessert plates are displayed on the wall in my guest room.

I dearly treasure my inherited gift. 
Thank you for visiting today
Have a great week. 
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  1. Your photo's are lovely. The Tea Set is a blessed gift to cherish. Are those Knock-out Roses?

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Helleborus Orientalis is the botanical name of the very popular, early blooming shade perennial more commonly known as the Lenten Rose. Lenten Roses grow hardy around the world in temperate zones 4-9. In the English speaking world they are known as the Lenten Rose but are not roses at all. They are actually of the Butter Cup family. Their flowers bloom during the Easter celebration of Lent, leading the vernal procession of color in the shady areas of thoughtful perennial gardens. When they are not in bloom they remain as lush ground cover throughout the year; and they are deer proof. This lush, hardy shade perennial is grown and prized by master gardeners throughout the world. The selection I grow here at my nursery produce a mixed symphony of colors ranging from white to pink to purple with many surprise variations in between - I refer to them as a Traditional Cottage Variety.​

  2. Happy belated Valentine's, Betty. Your tea time is sweet!

  3. What an honour to inherit such a gorgeous tea!

  4. That sure is lovely Betty! A wonderful treasure from your Grandmother! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think that is one of the most beautiful tea sets I have ever seen!

  6. A lovely and precious fift indeed. Beautiful. I haven’t often seen red Hellebores, usually white. A lovely rich contrast. Lovely! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

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