I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Casual Tea Time

Hello everyone,
It's Tea Time again. 
I am putting the final touches on my 2018 Tea Time Calendar.

A decorative white teapot from Tuesday Morning and I am going 
to try and keep this new African Violet alive for more than a week. LOL!  
When I retired from work in 2007, I decided to collect tea sets. 
I wanted to have my lady friends over for tea and wanted to
set the table with matching tea sets. Now after all these years my love is
collecting a single teacup and saucer made in England.
But this tea set is one of my favorites, and I love
anything lavender. 
I have posted this tea set before. HERE and HERE
The tea set is discontinued  'Lavender' Archive Collectable Teas, Royal Albert, Bone China.
The milk glass vase is a candy dish given to me as a gift from 
a dear friend. She had many pieces of milk glass from her
father's estate. I am the proud recipient of the fabulous milk glass.
Lavender, lavender galore.
A mosaic to pin
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  1. Sweet and romantic purple teaset!So dainty and pretty!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Betty - what a gorgeous tea set you are sharing with us!

    I haven't seen one of those before - it's stunning and will make such a lovely image for your calender!

    : - )

  3. A truly wonderful way to enjoy tea time. I like the shape of the teapot so pretty. You lavender tea set is a Royal Albert beauty. The set is certainly a treasure in your collection. Thanks for sharing!


  4. The lavender tea set is gorgeous. I pinned it to my Tea and Crumpets board.

  5. Betty, how beautiful! I have several white teapots in various sizes. I love them because they can be used with lots of different patterns.

  6. Good Afternoon Betty, Your lavender tea set is such a pretty colour and your friends must love being invited to take tea with you. Having just read that you love collecting single pieces of English china, I will promise to find a cup and saucer for you. I might not find the right one straight away, but never fear, I am on the case.
    With warmest wishes.

  7. Purple is my favourite colour so I'm enamored with your beautiful RA lavender tea sets!

  8. Betty:
    That is certainly a beautiful set. I think lavender is so pretty and especially in the springtime when we think of violets and pansies! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Betty, I found your blog this evening having just linked up to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, and just love these beautiful photos! The combination of the RA pattern and the large-check lavender linens is very pretty and of course the teapot is amazing! I'm a fellow dish-lover... I also collect English bone china and transferware, so Royal Albert is a long-time favorite. Very nice to discover your blog!

  10. This is very pretty. Your calendar will be beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

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