I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Master Bedroom Before and After

Hello everyone,
I so excited to share with you my master bedroom update. In April I did an inspiration post Go Here to see how I wanted my master bedroom to look. My dream all started with this pillow. A little french style pillow I bought at Barnes and Noble and a completely new bedroom set. I have never had a matching bedroom set in my entire married life. (55 years on July 17th)  My sweetheart I are so blessed to be able to update our home at this time in our life. 
This our master bedroom completed.
A simple pillow is what my sweetheart wanted to have on our bed. He goes to bed early and with one pillow on the bed it lands safely on a chair and I don't hear any swearing. LOL! 
I've had this white matelasse bedspread on my old California King size bed for years. At night I fold it down to the bottom and it stays on the foot board until morning when I make the bed for the day. I made the 4 inch valances from drop cloth I found at Wal Mart. My granddaughter and I made them while we were making the pillows for the patio. We were very busy. I was looking for a sign to hang over the bed, but I found this small grape vine heart in my stash and I knew it was going to be the perfect addition to our bedroom. 
My bedroom lamps are brass and I bought them in 1975 for our living room. In 1990 we remodeled our entire home and I bought new lamps for the living room and these two beauties moved to our bedroom. The photos on the wall I have had for 25 years, but the blue vases is new.  A friend was down sizing her home and she gave them to me. I just hung them last week. I love the touch of blue with the Accessible Beige wall paint.
The antique oak swivel office chair was my daddy's desk chair. I put a soft chair pad on it and I made the two crown pillows to add to my french country style. 
My sweetheart installed this beautiful french door to our patio. We had an old sliding glass door for 25 years. I think you are getting the drift now. We keep everything for a long time. We love the two doors on the sides. At night when the weather is not 90 degrees all night we open them to get a cool breeze. Our whole house has the stained brown trim. I decided not to put any window treatment on this door.  I love the simple and clean look.  We installed new carpet and it's so soft and comfy to walk on in the middle of the night. The color is Roasted Barley.  I love the name too.
In the evening I close the mini blinds and turn the lamps on low. I have a fixture in the light socket in the lamps and when I touch the metal the light goes on. I don't have to reach for the switch.  Thank goodness. 
Now this is what was on my bedroom walls for 25 years. I loved it in 1990, but I knew it was time for the wallpaper to go. Our painter is the best. He removed all the wallpaper and then my sweetheart and a friend textured the walls. Our painter came back and painted our bedroom and living room in three days. He is amazing. After we installed our new french door, he came back and painted the white trim. I call him Saint Raymond. 
This is my inspiration board. We bought the tall dresser and that is where the ladder is standing in the photo above. We have a flat screen television hanging from the wall and the television cable box on the dresser. I will show you that side of the room in another post. 
I think I did pretty good with my inspiration!
Another bit of french art on the wall going out of the bedroom door into the living room. 
A mosaic to Pin

Updating this Master Bedroom has been so enjoyable. It is work to move everything in and out but the rewards are endless. I was a hands on assistant to my sweetheart and I am so grateful he is so talented and can do almost anything. 
Thank you for visiting
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  1. Oh, Betty- your new bedroom "after" is dreamy perfect! I LOVE your choice of furniture and your inspiration pic compared to it is spot on!

    Congrats- your sense of accomplishment, joy and appreciated blessings shouts loudly, and all I can do is say how happy I am for you, and how impressed by your grace about it.

    God bless today and always! Well done, ma'am! : - )

    1. Hi Michele,
      Your comment was so beautiful. You saw the essence of my post and how grateful I am on a daily basis for everything I have. I love blogging because of beautiful people like you. Bless you.

  2. The four-poster bed is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job.

  3. Love your bedroom and the French doors are devine.

  4. Your bedroom looks lovely! Great job!

  5. Very pretty, simple and clean! Love the furniture and the pillow!...Christine

  6. O, dear heart...you didn't just do "pretty well"....YOU NAILED IT.
    and it's just beautiful. I, even tho I feel like a traitor to women everywhere when I say this) but I LOVE only 1 pillow on the bed. This business of a thousand on there is totally for the birds...(excuse me now while I remove 2 or 3 from My bed...LOL)
    It all looks just beautiful

  7. I'd see you knocked the ball out of the park on your bedroom. Your inspiration came true! Your bedroom is lovely. Simple, clean and the pillows are wonderful. Well done! Do you rent out???!!!! Ha! Pat yourself on the back! Happy Monday!

  8. Hello Betty. What a wonderful, restful retreat you've created. You did well!

  9. Very nice!

    I totally agree with your husband having the single pillow accent. Whenever I see an elaborate pillow display on a bed, I always wonder where the pillows are stored while the bed is occupied, not to mention the work of having to recreate the displays every morning!

  10. You transitioned quickly from inspiration to the real thing completed and I really like the black bedroom furniture. My parents had grey with black handles and I wish I had it today to work with.
    The new patio door is beautiful and the single throw pillow...gorgeous.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Betty.

  11. Betty, The bedroom looks dreamy. Quietly elegant. Congratulations! Sylvia D.

  12. You absolutely did a great job creating your lovely room from your inspiration page.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. WHat a calm and serene bedroom, you did a great job!

  14. Betty,
    Elegant done, dear one!!!
    Your inspiration and your actual are mirror images!!!
    I can see many a restful nap and slumber in your near future!!!

  15. So nice! Great job!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. Your new bedroom makeover is beautiful! I really enjoy sewing with paint dropcloths and your curtains are so pretty!

  17. Your bedroom is lovely, Betty! What is it with men and pillows? Mine doesn't complain too much about anything but he does have a 'thing' about all the pillows I have. Good job on creating your dream bedroom. Love your french doors too.


  18. Beautiful! I love that bed! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  19. Your bedroom is beautiful! You sure did a nice job making your room look like the inspiration picture.

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