I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Gift for Baby and New Mom

Hello Everyone!
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This Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower.  As you know I try to be thrifty. I belong to a large society of women and someone is having a birthday or a baby just about every month.  So I started making my gifts.

First is the basket.  Basket story~Sweetheart is at a yard sale and buys about 20 baskets for a ($1.00) dollar.  Now I have lots of baskets to give as gifts.

Next is a handmade lavender heart sachet to put under the new mom's pillow after the baby is born to help her sleep.

Soft and fragrant

Always nice to have a bow on the basket

Some Bath Salts with lavender for a good soak in the tub after delivery.

Last a handmade card with a little something $ so mom can buy whatever she wants for the new baby or herself.

Card stock and a photo of the wild violets in my garden and a scanner is the recipe for a handmade card.

A ribbon to hang the lavender sachet.

My favorite pastime!!! Making a Mosaic

I'm joining
The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday
The House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage
Boogieboard Cottage for Masterpiece Monday
Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Monday

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  1. Happy Mosaic Monday! This is a very pretty gift for a new Mom! I will have to make something like this for my daughter-in-law as she is expecting any day now.

  2. What a great gift, love the sachet and salts. A perfect gift for any new Mom. Take care.

  3. I would love to receive that gift too. You could even leave out the $.

  4. How thoughtful for your sweetheart to think of you and pick up those baskets...very pretty and a clear ball to hold the bath salts...clever!:)

  5. Any gal would be delighted with such a gift!

  6. I think that is a lovely gift!


  7. Having joined Mosaic Monday this week I am now enjoying blog hopping around the world admiring everyone else's beautiful photography and gaining inspiration. It cheers me when so much of the world around us is in turmoil for one reason or another.

    What a sweet gift for your friend.

  8. Oooh, I love hearts! Very pretty pictures!

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