I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens

On June 26th 2010 was the Tuscan Heights 5th Annual Lavender Gardens Festival. click Here. 

A group of friends and I decided to go up to the festival and purchase several bundles of Lavender to use as table decorations for an  upcoming event.  We enjoyed ourselves sooo...much. The weather was perfect.  The downside was the Lavender was two weeks late in blooming.  We would have loved to roam in the fields and picked our own Lavender to take home, but the Lavender we purchased was already dried and easy to manage on the shuttle they provided for transportation to the farm.

      As you can see the Lavender is just in the bud stage.

They had crafting.  A group of interested visitors were making Lavender wands.  The wand is made from fresh Lavender.  The ribbon is usually weaved over and under each of the twenty stems.  This lady was being very creative and weaving the ribbon over and under every two stems.  (Of course it was her very first experience with Lavender wand making).

Next to the crafting tables was the steam distiller. 

Fresh Lavender is put into the steam distiller and pure essential Lavender oil is extracted from the plants.  Can you see the Lavender wand making craft going on in the background?

This building is the nursery for the propagation of new plants.

Beautiful baskets of bundles of Lavender.

Bundles of Lavender Fire sticks. Great to throw in the grill.  The gourmet smoke bundles bring a whole new taste to your cooking.

I love this purse.

Aromatherapy-Bath & Body-Home Essentials-Gifts

A Great Place to spend an Afternoon.

Thank you for joining me on my trip to a Lavender Farm.

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  1. I love lavender farms and this is fantastic, Betty! There is one down the highway and it has rolling lavender rows and I feel bliss.

  2. Hi Betty: We have Lavender Festivals here too - it's such a versatile plant, isn't it? So many uses! I like it in soap best... thanks for the tour and I'll back to visit another time!

  3. Wow, that looks like such a fun place to visit! And I imagine that the scent is so beautiful when the fields are in bloom. :)

  4. As far as I know there are no lavender farms close to me. I will have to search one out.
    I have to try the lavender wand weaving.

  5. What a neat visit! I can almost pick up the scent of this post!

  6. That is fantastic! I would have loved that. Thanks for the virtual tour. I am sure it is much better in person! That would be my preference but alas I was raking up pinecones today.

  7. Hello,
    I found you via Dusty Bay's blog hop party.
    I LOVE lavender! What a great place to visit! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo

  8. What a great day you had. I have been looking for ideas to use lavendar.
    Love to have you stop by for tea.


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