I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just One Amaryllis Plant

Hi Everyone,
I learn a new lesson about gardening almost everyday.  First of all, I'm so proud of my Christmas Amaryllis blooming in my garden. I planted this bulb maybe four years ago and this year it bloomed for the very first time. WOW!!!

Second lesson.  I did some research about this stubborn plant and read that the Amaryllis belladonna lily is in fact a 'Naked Lady'  (bulbs are poisonous) Zone 4-24. Note to self~ Lift and divide clumps infrequently; may not bloom for several years if disturbed at wrong time.
What is amazing I have grown Naked Lady bulbs for years. Go figure.

Common name amaryllis is Hippeastrum

On Monday May 30, 2011 both blooms were open.  I took the photos and was going out today and recapture more of this fabulous plant and take photos of the last bloom to open.  But, instead the sky opened up with rain and another hail storm.  Usually the weather this time of year is in the 80's.  Not this year.

This is my dream garden.  My dear friend has a beautiful garden and this is the Amaryllis bed I would love to have.  With Just One Amaryllis Plant it might take awhile. LOL.

I love to garden. Everyday is a new day in the garden. Inspiration galore!!!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Candy in the Mail!!

Hello Everyone,
Candy in the Mail!!
Many of you may remember Tablescape # 25 HERE. It was about the Chocolate factory 
 Delespaul-Haves Company in France.
I was so curious about how this candy tasted that I ordered some from France.  The package arrived and this is what it looked like. 

The candy is called 'Carambar Caramel' 

There are nine pieces of candy in this package. I eat one. 

The package is tied with blue gift wrap ribbon. No fuss~No Muss.

The part of this candy's story intrigued me the most was what was written on the inside the wrappers.  In 1954 the candy was created because of a malfunction with one of the machines in the candy factory. Until 1961 the inside of the wrappers there were "Carambar points" which could be redeemed for various Carambar-related products.
Then in 1961 the points were replaced by jokes.

This is a one of six plates with the name of the Company that started me on my quest to see the inside of a Carambar wrapper and taste the famous candy.

What planet do we find plenty of bananas?

The planet of Monkey
My son translated the French with his phone.

I love this post~
Oh!  I just remembered. The candy tastes like a Tootsie roll.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This post was published on Memorial Day 2010.  I'm republishing this most memorable and favorite post for Memorial Day 2011.  
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I am so proud to be an American.  I belong to The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

A descendant of a patriot who with unfailing loyalty rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence during the Revolutionary War.

I had the honor to visit Colonial Williamsburg during a Memorial Day Commemorative Program.

Colonial Williamsburg presents a modern service honoring military veterans who died while serving their country.

I am joining Mary @ Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. I want to share with you my moving experience on Memorial Day. Please link back to Mary's house and see more Mosaics.

The Fife and Drum support the procession that starts at the Palace. Prayers are given and musket volleys are fired at the Palace and the Churchyard. 

The rector and women from the town start the procession at the palace by placing an olive branch wreath at the front gate.  They proceed to Bruton Parish Church and place a wreath there, and on to the French Grave site to place a wreath to honor those interred in or near those sites from  the American Revolution and the War Between the States.
A brief commemorative service with musket and cannon volleys take place at the French Grave site.  The French Grave site is the only location where the cannon is fired.  It was a very moving experience listening to the cannon fire and being grateful for the freedom I love.   

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink ~ Pink ~ Pink

Welcome to
Pink ~ Pink ~ Pink

To celebrate the Third Birthday of Pink Saturday.  And there is pink in my garden.

I love Pink...


 'Climbing New Dawn'
Large fragrant pale pink flowers bloom on new and old wood. Hardy and vigorous.

Everblooming Hybrid Tea Rose

Outstanding vigor, hardiness and easy care make this the best selling rose of all time.  The bush is awash with medium pink flower clusters with a mild, sweet fragrance from spring through fall.  Perfect for borders or grown as a hedge along the house, walkway or property line.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's On Your Table Top?


Hello Everyone,
The question is; What's on Your Table Top?
My answer is; A bouquet of Roses on almost every table top in almost every room in the house.

These beauties were in a pair of Cowboy boots last week.  And this week they are in a vase on a table top in the Dining Room
'Don Juan'

'Dream Weaver'
Bright coral-pink flowers set in dense floribunda-like clusters bloom all summer long for abundance of vibrant garden color. Graceful, arching canes can be trained laterally.

'Dream Weaver is perched on a glass table top behind the sofa in the living room.


The 'Crystalline' bouquet is resting in a rose vase on top of the coffee table in the living room.

The Sweet Pea bouquet is resting on the night stand table top in the guest bedroom.
aka ( my retreat room)

I wish we had smell a blog, because these babies are so fragrant. 

'St Patrick'
Yellow-gold shaded green. Some like it hot...and this is one!! The luck of the Irish may have finally brought a super slow-opening yellow rose that takes the heat.  This saintly yellow can pick up a touch of gold in cool weather. but he'll be wearin' the green when the temps turn up.  Load of novel chartreuse-shaded buds spiral open to yellow-gold flowers of amazing stamina.  Grey-green foliage completes the picture.

This bouquet is sitting on the white outdoor table top in the dining room next to the back window.

The blooms are just amazing on this rose.

The flowers are blooming up a storm outside.  Yesterday it rained again and the roses will need to cleaned up tomorrow. I will be outside taking more photos of the daily changes in the spring garden.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

8th Cupcake Sunday

Happy Cupcake Sunday!!!

Hello Everyone,

Paula Deen's done it again.  "I Love Paula Deen" I buy her cake mixes at Big Lots for $1.95 each.
The frosting was inexpensive also.  
A Big Shout out~Thank You to my daughter and granddaughter for the wonderful assist with decorating the these cupcakes...  My daughter volunteered her time today helping build a small park in an older neighborhood of our city. After the morning activities were done at the park and the younger granddaughter was off to a birthday party.  The oldest granddaughter (11) wanted to get out of the sun and visit grandma while her mother continued her commitment at the park.  My granddaughter settled into the patio swing and she asked if I would teach her how to knit.  Yep.  And the afternoon went by very quickly for her.  She sat on the patio swing watching television and knitting. Now That's A LIFE. When my daughter came over later for dinner she brought two big pizzas to bake.  Wow!!  What a treat  not to cook a large meal  or clean up the dishes tonight.  After dinner we decorated the  Red, White and Blue cupcakes.  In Honor of the men and women that have given their life in service so we can enjoy our freedom in America  today. 

After the girls left for home. (they live seven houses up the street) Sweetheart and I watched
 'The Kings Speech'
Awesome movie.

The Roses are going wild outside, now that the warm weather has finally arrived. I have bouquets in every room.  
This fabulous rose is called 'Crystalline'  

I have made an administrative decision.  After I return from my trip to England and Scotland I' m going to take a cake decorating class.  Something is just not right with the texture of my frosting. And I don't know anything about the tips. But it sure is fun to bake cupcakes every four weeks and do a fun post for you all.

Little red, white and blue sugar sprinkles with little red and blue stars too. 

Remember the cute cupcake holder I received as a Christmas gift? 

Some red, white and blue cupcake papers.

I found the flag wreath at a yard sale just before the 4th of July 2010.  Cheap!!!!

 I love creating  mosaics. They just seen to say it all in a nut shell.
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