I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello Everyone!


Long ago (1961) I taught myself to knit. ( Oh! and I'm left handed) I didn't realize at the time that I was doing rather well for a self taught knitter. As my daughter reminded me today. Mom~ you knitted me so many sweaters.  She finally wanted to have a sweater that was bought from the store.  And so my knitting days came to an end.  Of course I also started working after staying home for 20 years and raising teenage children was enough to keep me out of the craft room.

 I have a specific project to knit.
In 1964 I lived next door to a couple from England.  Everyday my friend and I would have a pot of tea.  She had the most beautiful tea cozy.  Her mother in England had knitted her tea cozy and I admired it so much my friend had her mother knit me one.

But being a young American girl I didn't know the tea cozy was made from WOOL
And I washed it.  Now it's very much smaller than when I received it as a gift 47 years ago.

The little flowers on the top of the tea cozy were absolutely fabulous.  And after all these years I would like to replicate the tea cozy from long ago. I'm not sure what the pattern is called, but I found a similar pattern on the Internet and my knitting instructor is assisting me with relearning how to knit.  Some of the knitting terms have changed and the knitting needles have changed.  But the joy of knitting has not changed.

I have chosen this wool yarn and I'm learning how to knit on two circular needles.

This old vintage sewing basket has been around a long time too.  I had two baskets but one of my granddaughters has taken one home to use for her sewing projects and this basket is waiting until the other granddaughter is ready to sew or knit.

The top of the box is so much fun to study. With the tomato pin cushion, big spools of thread and vintage fabric.

The detail on the basket is great too.

The cords on the basket are still in wonderful condition and the basket is perfect to hold extra yarn for some of those little flowers I will be learning how to make.

The sewing bag is what I use to take to my knitting class.  It's roomy and has carried several knitting projects over the years.

Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.
see you soon

Friday, April 27, 2012

Going to Oahu

I'm off to see Hawaii...
I will be back real soon.
I have scheduled A few posts for your enjoyment while I'm gone. 
I hope  
my new friends, and my old friends,
When I return, I will have lots of travel photos and a few stories to tell.
But, as they say... 
What happens in Hawaii
stays in Hawaii.

Monday, April 23, 2012

*Handmade Soap for My Angel Bathroom*

Hello Everyone,
Do You remember last week when I introduced my the new begonia plants in my Angel Bathroom? HERE
This week I have added more fun to my Angel bathroom.  Handmade Soap!   

I have been wanting to do this project for awhile, and I finally did it.  Oh what fun and easy too.
The soaps are White glycerin soap with a little Crushed walnut added to the melted soap.  The mold was part of a spa Indulgence kit to make bath fizzies, but I wanted some small decorative soaps for my jar.

These four soaps were made from a soap making kit. The Fleur-De-Lis  is white soap poured into a mold.
The white soap is melted and poured into the leaf part of the mold and set to cool. Clear glycerin soap is melted and gold mica powder colorants is added and poured into the mold. The same process is done for the gold and white layered soap. Fragrances could be added, but I prefer no fragrance.

I have the small soaps in the tall jar, and I'm planning to make more in a few weeks. I will show you the process.  Now I would love to find a jar for the large soaps and maybe a different mold.  "Angels"

A few of my angel decorations in the Angel bathroom.

The bathroom is so pretty in the evening with the candles glowing.

Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.  I love to share my romantic Angel bathroom transformation with you.  I will be looking for some valance fabric and I will share with you the total new look.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tablescape # 45 ~Pink Surprise and Guess What~

Hello, Hello Everyone.
The weather is beautiful in Northern California. Yesterday,I unveiled my tenders from their sleeping place and moved the Jewel plants to the their spot for the summer. You can see them in the background of this post.

Guest What! I don't know what this is.  My dear friend gave it to me last week as a gift.  She thought I would use it on a Tea Table. 
Great idea.

 It closes for easy storage and it's such a unique piece for my decor.

This is a side view. 
It opens to three separate plates. 

Front view

This Tablescape or Center Piece would be wonderful for a Tea Party Table. I could change the Flowers with the seasons or holiday. A tablescape is a work of art, and a small-scale landscape, expresses the event and it is a welcoming gesture.

Floral Display

 Tea Cups and Cookies
White Chocolate Chip and Macadamia nut cookies.
A 'My Cozy Corner' Favorite
Sweetheart bakes five dozen every week for an evening treat and for our granddaughter's enjoyment.

Camellia under glass

I'm always happy with 
'Pink Willow'dinnerware on my table, and a vintage doily. 

Please help me with my dilemma. I would love to know what the proper name for this interesting table accessory.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

*Just One Lilac Bush*

Hello Everyone,
All the blooms are gone from *Just One Lilac Bush*. 
 I cut all the blooms for my 'Lilac Tea'  centerpiece. HERE 
The poor bush is crowded to close to the fence and the Butterfly bush is leaning over the young lilac bush shading it from what sun it does get in the afternoon. I plan to move it over by the pergola  as soon as it stops raining...

Playing with my camera!

I caught an insect in the act!  Is it a fly? It looks like a fly!

This Lilac bush is my inspiration to have many more growing in my garden this summer.

Thank you so much for joining me for a colorful start to spring gardening.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

~Angel Bathroom and Begonias~

Hi Everyone, 
It's a rainy day in Northern California and, I've been inside the house doing a little redo in the guest bathroom.  To See Guest Bathroom  remodel post in April 2010 go to   'Angel Bathroom'


This is my story and I'm sticking to it.  I was raised in Santa Clara Valley. Wonderful climate to grow Tuberous begonias.  Begonias grow even better in the Santa Cruz area on the Pacific coastline. Well, I have tried to grow begonias every summer in our patio for years and, it's either to hot or something...
I was watching Martha Stewart one day and a gardener was showing begonias.  Beautiful begonias, just the kind I would love to grow.  Martha asked her where did she grow her begonias?  She said "In my bathroom" at last the answer to my prayers.  
And now I have begonias growing in my bathroom. 
I'm hopeful this idea will work. 


Since I grow lavender and love angels I used my favorite things in the 2010 remodel bathroom


Out with the Lavender and in with the Yellow Begonias.  I bought a large yellow begonia at Lowe's last weekend and, when I got home and looked at the plant closer I found there were three separate plants in the container. Yip-Skip...  I replanted them and put two in the bathroom and one on the living room coffee table.
I also painted two Terra Cotta angel pots so the yellow plants would really pop in the off-white pots.
I'm also looking for an off-white curtain for the window to accent the new vintage looking lace towels I fell in love with at TM.  When I find the curtain I will share with you another look and, we'll see how the begonias are fairing in the guest bathroom.


I still have the same wall decor, but peach is history.

Begonias love moist soil , and humid air.

I love to accessorize my etagere 


I made some bath salts and I found a darling demitasse cup at the GW for .49 cents.


My dream is to have the begonia cascading down over the shelf and bloom and bloom and bloom. 

~As the angels rest~

My sweet angel night light has a soft gentle glow to help guide my guests during the early morning hours.

Well off I go to do some more crafty things while it's still raining outside.  
I love to make mosaics and this one is great with the bright yellow and the soft off-white details.
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