I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Angel for the Garden

Hello everyone,
More excitement and shopping. I should be buying new carpeting and paint for my living room, but this garden is a living room too, it's just outside...
I found this beauty at Orchard Supply last month. 
I placed this beauty in the tulip bed next to my fairy rose. I love the way she has her hands placed. I'm going to put a vase of flowers in her hands for my garden tour. 
She has a very sweet angelic face and lovely wings.
Her tender feet are an under statement.
An amazing statue placed as a centerpiece in the pergola garden.
The wings are grand and her robe is draped over one of her shoulders and then gently falls softly down off her other shoulder. Perfection.
Now I have two new angels for my cottage garden...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Boxwood Wreath Addition

Hello everyone,
Where did February go?  I finished decorating the Winter Mantel and I'm GREEN with envy when I see a preserved Boxwood wreath hanging in a beautiful place on the beautiful blogs. I looked on-line, but they were expensive. And I found one at a local department store.  I really wanted a square preserved boxwood wreath, but all I found were round wreaths, and they had a funny odor☺
Then I was shopping in Tuesday Morning a couple of weeks ago and found this faux SQUARE Boxwood wreath. Yay!!!♥
I love the way it looks on the fireplace...The little sprigs of real boxwood I stole from our neighbor in my four little vases is just perfect. 
*Pinecones and Boxwood*
Before and After
Happy Mantel
Happy Betty LOL...
Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner.
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Betty ♥

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Little Cherubs

Hello Everyone, 
The weather has been wonderful here lately. And last Sunday afternoon I took a few photos of my new cherubs. I found these darling cherubs for $9.99 and  please don't faint. I'm telling you the truth. I was so excited I just about knocked everything off  the display table behind me. I was jumping up and down banging everything around me. Oh my goodness what a day!
I think the statue is suppose to be used as a fountain, but I'm planning to put ferns in the bird bath and cover the hole you can see on their little rock resting place. 
The daylilies are growing up behind the birdbath and the lambs ear and primroses will be filling in the flower bed in a few weeks. 
We have so much to do in NINE Weeks Yikes!!!
I'm obsessed.
They are so darn cute

The roses and grape vine will be budding out soon, along with the daffodil planted under the bird bath. Pretty~Pretty
These photos are going to be part of a binder I'll have on display the day of the garden tour. Statues everywhere. Oh my gosh I just saw something I will need to paint.  Yikes!
St. Francis of Assisi is keeping a watch over all the birds coming into our yard. And
I'm keeping watch over the flowers and shrubs blooming.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Details~Winter

Hi everyone, 
I finally finished putting up my Winter decor in the living room. My cloche is decorated with a bird's nest and a little mercury glass bird. I went outside and clipped a twig and inserted it in my bird nest.

I've put my bird candles on the tea table. The pastel colors are so warm and cozy. I bought them a pottery barn years ago. 
Last year my daughter gave me this delightful little rustic wagon. I decorated it last Autumn with pumpkins, gourds and other Autumnal decor HERE.  Now the wagon is decked out with a boxwood bush, some colorful eggs and a little bird on a branch and some bird seed on a bed of green grass.
Under our flat screen television I've added a cloche with some grape vine balls and a precious cup and another pastel bird candle.

Wow! We had a very nice Valentine dinner and dessert.
The beautiful flowers were a gift from my wonderful husband. I added the red tulips from our dessert table. Such a thoughtful gift to celebrate our 54th anniversary of our engagement...July 17th 2014 we will be married 54 years.
Two small tables sit in front of a love seat and I have the flowers on one and this tray on the other. I have some deer sheds, an old book, a vintage magnifying glass and an old key.
 I saw this idea over at  Kim's house. (Savvy Southern Style)
My cute little wagon...♥ behind the love seat.
The birds are tweeting in My Cozy Corner.
I'm hopeful I will be going to get outside and play in the garden this weekend.
The weather is going to be warm and I have some new garden statutes to show you next week.
Thanks for visiting.
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Friday, February 14, 2014

An Idea of Spring

Hi everyone, 
Yesterday I was ready to link to my party list, and our Internet service from Sacramento to the Oregon border went down. It was down until this morning. Wow!!! Did miss my blogging and Candy Crush Saga. LOL. We've finally had some rain in Northern California. I'm so happy I finished pruning my roses and grapevines before it started to rain. The daffodils bulbs are about in inch out of the ground now and the roses have little leaves sprouting on the branches. 
Today, I received a letter from the Rose Society asking for a description of my garden. I've been thinking about how to describe a labor of love for over 45 years in a couple of paragraphs. I'm so excited about the whole adventure of a Garden tour in our yard. 
I found this Amaryllis bulb on sale in the nursery for $1.50 after Christmas. It was already sprouting and just needed to be planted and watered.  
The other day when I was taking photos of my Angel Tea Time HERE
I snapped a few photos of the Amaryllis with all four blooms at their peak beautiness. Sometimes; I don't get my camera out and wait too long before photographing something beautiful. But I think I got it today.
After the bulb is finished blooming I trim it down and plant it in the garden. 
I bought another Amaryllis the other day and it's red. Hopefully it will beautiful in a week or so.
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Dessert

Happy Valentine's Day to family and friends. 
I've prepared my Valentine Dinner Dessert table and looking forward to Sweetheart and I celebrating our 54th year of our engagement.  54 years ago we were in San Francisco for the evening.  Eating the most fabulous food and going  to movies in the most beautiful theater. 
My candelabra sets the mood for cookies, chocolates and a glass of cider. 
During the Christmas season I found this Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter at the grocery store. I knew I wanted to make these heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. I used the recipe I used for the almond crescents cookies. HERE 
Printable Recipe for cookie dough HERE.  At Christmas my sister gave me some red raspberry jam imported from France to use as filling in the center.  I also knew I had the perfect occasion for this fancy cookie.   
I get so much enjoyment when planning for a special occasion. Another example of planning for awhile are the purchase of these heart napkins. I found the heart napkins at WalMart  last year after Valentine's Day. The're a bandana and only a $1.00 each. I was so excited to get them out and put them on the table.  The napkin rings are from World Market a couple of years ago.  I think the napkin rings have special character.
Chocolate Dove candy...I love my chocolate.
The red charger was used for my cozy Christmas table. HERE
The white scalloped dishes were my mother's favorite. Beautiful gold trimmed salad plates were a gift from sweetheart's sister for our 50th Wedding Anniversary
I found a set of four heart dessert plates at Tuesday Morning last year. And my fun gold flatware I found at the antique store where I had my Cozy Corner for a year.
What fun memories. Collecting, collecting and dreaming...of putting the plates on a table for a special occasion.♥
Our glasses are from my mother's estate. I love using her pretty things when I set my table. 
A different heart dessert plate. Their very playful design makes me smile.

I'm using my tea cart with the sides up to have this little dessert table set for after we eat our lobster dinner. Every Valentine's Day for around 20 years we have prepared lobster for our special dinner. I bought tulips for this table, because I think I might be getting a bouquet of red roses on Friday and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Sweetheart never reads my blog. Thank goodness. I love the beautiful red tulips in my vintage white pitcher. I hung some lace curtains in the windows for a softer background. Usually I see the back yard. I like this look better. 
I love to photograph everything. But, sometimes my heart sings when I photograph flowers. 
~One last look~
Well off to the real world. I've got to get the Valentine cards in the mail for my six granddaughters. I did find a really cute one for Sweetheart. 
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