I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

French Dessert and Cafe

Hello everyone, 
The weather has changed in the past few days. We're finally having rain showers.
With the weather cooler I lite the fireplace and set a dessert table in the living room. I bought the little pots at TM last year, while they were on clearance.
I'm in my frenchy mood again and wanted to use the pots to make a french dessert and use my demitasse cups for a French tablescape.
I'm truly blessed with a wonderful garden area and this week a few of my daffodils and pansies are blooming I love my tulip vase for a special look. 
The silver sugar and creamer are the perfect size for my dessert table.
Lemon pot de crème is a heavenly dessert and it’s also convenient—you can (and should) make it the day before you plan to serve it, so when it’s time for dessert, all you have to do is pull the chilled custards out of the refrigerator and serve...Smooth, airy, with a gentle pucker of lemon, these individual golden lemon creams make a delightfully light dessert..
Printable recipe HERE

Lemon Pots De Creme are delicious with ALMOND CRESCENTS 
a rich, delicate and buttery flavored cookie*** 
The first time I made this delicious cookie was in 1960 for a Cookie Swap.
They've been my all time favorite ever since. 
Printable recipe HERE

Petits Pots-Tuesday Morning
Charger-Large Plate, Pier One
Dinner Plate-Mother's estate
Wine Dessert Plate-Dollar Tree
Black Napkin Rings-Painted Thrift finds
Wine Napkins-Tuesday Morning
Demitasse-Gift from a friend
Tulip vase-Thrift Store
Flatware-First Love~Vintage
Sugar and Creamer-Gift
Silver Trays-Thrift Store
Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Visiting the Shuttle 'Endeavour'

If you are new to My Cozy Corner, welcome. Early in November 2013, Sweetheart and I visited our Son and granddaughters in Pasadena. We visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market HERE and Christmas at Disneyland HERE, One of our vacation days we visited the California Science Center to have a look at the Shuttle 'Endeavour'
Do you remember the commercial of the Toyota Tundra pickup towing the retired space shuttle Endeavour?  
This is a photo of the Tundra...
Set at the entrance of the museum is this iconic element the Giant Lever. It educates guests on the principles of leverage. A force as little as 50 pounds lifts a Toyota Tundra truck. 
My granddaughters are trying to lift the Toyota Tundra...☺
A little history lesson:
Endeavour was the fifth and final spaceworthy NASA space shuttle to be built, and first flew in May 1992 on mission STS-49 with its last mission being STS-134 in May 2011.[2][3] The STS-134 mission was originally planned as the final mission of the Space Shuttle program,[4] but with authorization of the STS-135 mission, Atlantis became the last Space Shuttle to fly.

Thanks for joining me on my journey into Space☺
Your comments are wonderful...And I love to read them.
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Fun

Hi everyone,
I'm delighted you decided to visit My Cozy Corner today.
How was your weekend? My weekend was delightful. I wanted to share with you what I did on Saturday afternoon. First of all our weather is still so warm and beautiful. The Governor has declared the state of California is in a drought.
The temperature was in the 70's on Saturday afternoon and my dear friends I've know for over 45 years called and invited me to join them to visit an antique and vintage show at our local mall. 
Last week I posted my Tea Cup and Saucer collection. HERE
My question was: Do I need more tea cups? My answer was Yes! LOL!
I saw some beauties...

I also saw an interesting demonstration about tatting. 
Tatting adds elegance and flair to our favorite items. 
This is how to make handmade lace. Wow!
This is called Russian lace making.
After looking at all the wonderful antiques we decided to have lunch at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Sacramento River. I'm sorry you can barely see Mt Shasta to the right in the distance. There is snow just covering the very top. Usually during January Mt. Shasta is covered with snow and looks like a sparkling diamond against the blue sky...Maybe next month I'll have a photo of her in all her glory. 
A beautiful inlet in the Sacramento River. A sanctuary for the geese and ducks.
A view of the beautiful homes on the bluffs. What a beautiful view they must have looking out of their windows and seeing such a beautiful sight. With all the dry weather the bluffs look rather brown and rough, but the view of those beautiful homes is amazing. 
Well, that's how I spent my Saturday afternoon...I know poor me. LOL.
I will be sharing with a few parties this week.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Angel for the Garden

Hi everyone, 
I have some exciting news. This spring I've been invited to be one of the hosts on a garden tour.  The Shasta Rose Society will be using my home as the venue for plants and garden decor and a tour of my garden and pergola...Sweetheart and I have been busy this past week pruning roses and cleaning the flower beds. 
Early in December I found this serene angel kneeling in the grocery store.
She called my name and that afternoon she was kneeling in my garden.  
I might have to start naming my angels, because  I have a few.
I love the beautiful way she is kneeling on one knee. 

I love my reflective garden statue. 
She is so beautiful with her arms folder in prayer.  

And with her head bowed down in prayer.
The temperature in our far Northern California have been in the high 70's this week. Tomorrow morning the rose tour coordinator is coming over to give me some ideas about how to make my garden  look wonderful for the visitors on the garden tour.
For the next few months, I'll be busy playing in the garden with my angels~
Thank you so much for your visit.
Thank you so much for your comments on my Tea Cups.
Tea Cups and Angels~That's what it's all about!
Joyously Betty
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Collecting Tea Cups

Hello everyone,
I'm delighted you're here for a visit. If this is your first visit to My Cozy Corner welcome.  Today, I'm sharing my 'Tea Cup' collection. Since, I'm half English, I think I've inherited the tea drinking gene and also the love of beautiful tea cups.
This summer Sweetheart and I updated our 90's kitchen and dining room. We painted the walls and installed new flooring, plus some other updates I'll be sharing soon. Well I had to completely empty my 'Tea Cup' cabinet. While the tea cups were sitting on our table I took a few photos. I have a few!!!
I hope you'll find a favorite.
I have a few tea sets. Tea cup, saucer and dessert plate. I didn't photograph them this time. Maybe sometime later if you want to see them.
There are many different styles and colors.
Do you see a tea cup and saucer similar to one in your cupboard?
I've collected most of the tea cups in the past four years.
Thrift shops, estate sales and yard sales.
Do I need more? YES!
Do I have space for more? NO!
Will I keep looking and buying? YES!
Gosh, I hope you've enjoyed this post.
I have enjoyed sharing my 'Tea Cups' with you.
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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Treasures~Vintage Things

Sometimes a mistake is a 
'Good Thing'
I posted 'My Treasures' in March 2010.
I started blogging in December 2009 and now four years later my
blogging has become much easier. The first year of blogging was all about 
designing my blog and learning to take photos. During September 2013, I started to label my posts. This vintage post accidentally was published instead of reverting back to the original date...Today (Sunday) I thought this post would be perfect to publish.   Downton Abbey is my favorite program and I love all things vintage. 
Hope you enjoy my story and some vintage things too.
(I didn't know how to make photos larger)
I am so happy to share my vignettes with everyone.  This is my favorite treasure.  The cup, saucer and dessert plate.  I collect different tea sets for my tea party business.  I found this C.H. Field Haviland Limoges set at an estate sale.  It is in near perfect condition.  There was just one set.  Lucky me!  My evening purse and gloves are another find from the estate sale.  The gloves fit a very small hand, but I love the style.  The beautiful red tulips were a gift from my sweetheart on Valentine's Day.  Fabulous.
A closeup of the beautiful flowers.
I love this simple tea pot and  matching cups and saucers. I also found these at an estate sale one rainy day in January.  I love to sit by this sunny window and enjoy my cup of tea.
"The Garden Gift"  by Maureen Love is another favorite treasure. I also found these vintage satin boxes at an estate sale.  They are wonderful for storage and  great to use for lingerie or jewelry.
I think this tea pot is a James Sadler.  I cannot find one that looks exactly like it, but the style looks the same as a Sadler.  The lace pillow came from my bed and the lemon is from my mom's lemon tree.

Fighting Spanish Armada 1588 is on top of the tea pot. 
 My final treasure is this vintage tea pot I have had for 50 years.  My tea box is filled with my favorite English tea, and the lemons are from my mom's tree. Lemon is so good in tea.

I'm linking to Marty's Tabletops Tuesdays please go there and see some great ideas for decorating.

Thanks for visiting , I hope you enjoyed my treasures.

Thanks for visiting
My Cozy Corner
Some of the things I've sold and some things I still own.
It was so much fun sharing with you an old post that is still new today.
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