I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Like it Hot

While I was away seeing the sights of the world.  My garden was growing and growing. The weeds are knee deep, but I wanted to show some of the wonderful plants that love the heat of Upper Sacramento Valley.  The summers are dry and hot.  An Average of  high 90's most of July and August. So I have been waiting all Summer long to show you what makes my garden look colorful even in the heat.

'Bat-faced Cuphea' and 'Black-eyed Susans'

'Bat-faced Cuphea' is an outstanding selection for pots, planters, and flower beds.  It is tolerant of full sun and drought with no major pest or disease problems.
Each flower bears a striking and pleasant, resemblance to the face of a bat.
Can you see the little bat face?  The little red ears and white nose. 

'Black-eyed Susan' a long-blooming perennial.  They like full sun and are resistant to insects and disease.

'Zinnia Envy'  I love a green zinnia.


When the roses are resting and the sunflowers are not in bloom yet.  I have a great flowering edge for the garden.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit because I love sharing my garden with you.

I am joining Susan over @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday 

Please jump back and catch more of the beautiful outdoors.

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  1. Great pictures! Of course I love the black eyed susans, and I have never actually heard of the bat faced flowers...I will be looking for them.

  2. I love all your Black-Eyed Susans! They are one of my favorite flowers and always make me smile and bring back good memories. When I was a little girl, they grew wild on our property in Connecticut. I used to love picking them and bringing them to my mother. She would even put a vase filled with them in my bedroom.

    Thank you for tour of your lovely garden.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Great photos...you have the same fowers as I do her...of course you have the same weather as I do down here! Hot and dry!!

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your flowers. My black eyed Susan's are about the only thing surviving the heat. Have a blessed day. Debbie


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