I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tablescape # 40 Chinese New Year

2012 Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year annually falls on different dates.  In 2012 it is January 23, which marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. 

I love the Chinese New Year's Parade and all the traditions that go into making the 15 day celebration memorable...

Young children receive Red Envelopes with money during the celebration.

I was raised in the San Francisco bay area and the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco was a big deal even back then.  The Parade was started in the 1860's by the Chinese in San Francisco as a means to educate the community about their culture, the Parade and Festival have grown to be the largest celebration of Asian culture outside of Asia. 

I love Chinese food and I'm fairly good with chop sticks.  When I do go out to dinner I always want to eat Chinese food and I bring extra pairs of chop sticks home for my granddaughters.

This tea house tea pot  was a gift from a dear friend.  She volunteers at the Cancer Society Thrift store and bought it for me.  She knows I love tea pots.
~Very Cute~

When I was a girl around 10 years old. (circa 1950)  My mother would take my younger sister and I to a little  Chinese  restaurant in San Jose.  We would sit in a little cubicle at a table and the entrance to the cubicle had black curtains covering the doorway.  Something like this photo.  And the best part was a little Chinese man dressed in a black changshan and wearing a rounded black hat would come in through the curtains and take our order then quickly and quietly leave us to our visiting. As we pretended we were in a China tea house.
That was the day I fell in love with China.
and of course reading the book
 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck made China even more appealing for my bucket list of places to travel.

This is my sign in Chinese Astrology.
I am a snake! A metal snake 
Firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength and determination. The metal person is controlling, ambitious, forceful and set in their ways as metal is very strong; and they are self-reliant and prefer to handled their problems alone.  The metal person is also materialistic, business oriented and good at organization and stability. 

Black tea eggs
Yield: 18 eggs
Preparation: 5 minutes
Cook: 9 minutes 
12 cups water
18 large eggs
1 cup Chinese black loose-leaf tea leaves
1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce
4 cinnamon sticks
* In a large stockpot, bring water to a hard boil over medium-high heat.
Carefully place eggs in pot.  Cook for 9 minutes.  Remove eggs from water, 
and immediately place in an ice bath.
*Add tea leaves, soy sauce, and cinnamon sticks to stockpot.  Bring to a hard boil.  Remove from heat.
*Using the back of a spoon, crack egg shells.  Place eggs in prepared water.
Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Carefully peel eggs before serving.

Noodle dishes, which represent a long life, are appropriate to serve during 
the Chinese New Year celebration.

The fish candle holders are a part of my childhood.  I remember my mother placing the beautiful green fish in the center of our dinner table.  I love these fish. 

For More traditions, go to Chinese New Year Post 2011 Here
Dinnerware Ralph Lauren Claridge Gold  - gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary
Tea cup and saucer -Arita Hand Painted Made in Japan
Red Envelope and Snake charm - World Market
Tea Pot - no markings
Vintage Fish Candle Holders - no markings
Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner and I hope you enjoyed my Chinese New Year Tablescape.
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  1. I love everything oriental and your table for the Chinese NY is gorgeous. I love all your details, just terrific and the red is great! I'd love to do something for Chinese NY butI'm into a tour of a 300 yr.old hacienda, so it'll have to wait. Lots of hugs,

  2. Very cute fish candle holders. Love the dinnerware, especially the chargers. Are they Ralph Lauren, too?

  3. I am part Chinese so I love this table. Very respectful and lovely setting.

    I am a Metal Pig:
    "Outspoken and confident, Metal Pigs give 110% for everything they do. They throw themselves into relationships with others completely, sometimes to a fault. These Pigs are headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone he meets unless given reason not to be. Metal Pigs usually give people more credit than they deserve but when challenged can be a hard nut to crack."

  4. Thanks for sharing your Chinese New Year celebration. My tablescape celebrates The Year of the Dragon. I didn't grow up around this celebration, but I've long admired this one. How special to have grown up in San Francisco with Chinatown.
    Love your snake piece. Next year is yours! ~ Sarah

  5. hello friends,
    BAY AREA Astrological Society Do you actually have clientele that eat all that fruit and cheese? When I catered my sister's wedding, nobody ate the $500 of vegetables and fruit I put out.

  6. Neat table setting! I love the fish candle holders, too! They are really unique. I can only imagine what the celebration in San Francisco must be like every year. I've never been, but I hear it's really something to behold! You did a great job of explaining some of the traditions here. Very nice!

  7. Chinese New Years is a great time to celebrate and learn more about traditions. I loved China town in San Francisco and the tea garden and having tea. We also enjoyed China town in Toronto for it had a different feel. Thanks for sharing so much about your sign. I must look into mine! The table setting is beautiful but my favorite is the pagoda teapot. Happy Tablescaping! Pam


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