I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, March 26, 2012

*Betty's Cafe and Tea Room* # 1

Welcome to my Virtual Tea Room
I will be sharing on occasion a Tea Room I have  recently visited. I have wanted to own a Tea Room for a long time but in this real world I live in, it's just not going to happen.  
So please enjoy yourself while 
I take you to tea with me. 

Now Imagine this is my Tea Room.
While in York, just a stone's throw from York Minster was this magical Tea Room.
Of course it has my name on the front!!!
Walk in through the front door and you'll be greeted by a small shop with antique dressers and cabinets. stocked with an extensive range of teas and coffees, cakes and gifts.
 Up a flight of winding stairs there's a cosy cafe' with wooden beams, and roaring fires in the winter. A perfect place to meet friends and family for Afternoon Tea.

During my last trip to the Bay Area to celebrate my mother's 91st birthday, my sister and I took our mother to Afternoon Tea at
'Lisa's Tea Treasures'

My mother, sister and I had this beautiful dessert. Mom was the lucky one and had a candle to blow out.

The linen-clothed table is laden with china and sliver and a small bell to ring for service.  

The creamer is covered with an adorable dolly trimmed with beads and a rose on top. 

Beautiful tea cup and saucer. 
I didn't look to see the name. 
Can you expert tea cup lovers help me with the name of the company that made this beautiful tea set? 
The next Tea Room I visit I will be taking notes

The Duchess' Delight 
(afternoon tea in England)
Yep!! That's me...
A scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, Two each of Egg Supreme and Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches and Quiche of the day and dessert.

When I saw this beautiful display I knew
 I was in heaven.

Just fabulous

Tea anyone? 

Yes, I have a favorite.
Any one for Blue and White?

This is the front entrance of the Tea Room.
I love it all~

Now you can laugh, but I had to go to the WC
(Water Closet) or ladies room.

My sister loved this bunny
-adj. welcome(used when addressing or referring to a women)
-n. A welcome, kindly greeting or reception

This is my first of many Virtual Tours at Betty's Cafe and Tea Room aka My Cozy Corner.
I'm off to attend some tea parties and more.
Please join me:
I put my hat and gloves on and I'm off to enjoy Afternoon Tea.
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See you soon 



  1. Hello Betty,
    What a fabulous Tea Room and it does indeed have your name on it; how lovely! It would take some doing to get me out of there! I believe the pattern of that beautiful teacup is Lady Carlyle which I adore, by the way! It is a pretty thing, isn't it? I've been keeping an eye out for it but haven't found one yet.
    The food at the tea room looks wonderful and I'm sure you enjoyed yourself very much.
    Thank you for taking me along with you. It really was lovely!


    1. Thanks Sandi,
      I'm so happy to know the name of the teacup. I love Tea Rooms and I hope I will be sharing more Tea Rooms in the future.

  2. What a enjoyable post and trip with you to these tea rooms! Just lovely!

  3. Oh my goodness! I haven't been to Lisa's Tea Treasures for years! I used to work in Palo Alto and visited there often. I have had tea at Betty's in York as well...our niece lives in Carlisle and we have gone shopping in York and had tea there. As Sandi noted, it is Lady Carlyle. Such a pretty pattern. Let's hopr someday you can open your own tea shop! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. What a great tea room! Loved both Lisa's and Betty's! I too like to travel to tea rooms and have been to all that are close to where I live.

  5. I, too, love tea rooms! They look adorable. I think the china is Lady Carlyle by Royal Albert.

    1. Hi Martha,
      Thanks for the name of the tea cup. As soon as I saw Royal Albert I remembered that was the name on the bottom of the cup. But then my memory went to another place. I love Lady Carlyle and I will be on the hunt now to add it to my collection. I'm so happy that Betty's Cafe and Tea Room is well received. Now I have a great excuse to visit more Tea Rooms in the future.

  6. The two tea rooms are fabulous. I love visiting them too but I've never seen a gift shop area that big and filled with so many wonderful things.

  7. Oh I love Betty's tea room! You must have really enjoyed yourselves. I would love to shop in that little room full of china! Oh my! Such gorgeous cups and tea pots. My pocketbook would be sorely tested!
    The cup is called Lady Carlyle. I have this same cup and love it too!

  8. What a beautiful post. Love it all. The crocheted doily with beads you showed is called a jug cover' in Australia. Thanks for sharing, it was just so lovely to look at.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for the information about the darling crocheted doily. I just thought it was so cute. A Jug Cover... I love it.
      Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner

  9. Betty, how lovely! Tea rooms are wonderful places to be and to dream about. they take us back to another time and RELAX us! Great post! Happy Tea Day~

  10. Love the reminiscing as i have been to Betty's in York as well, although my fave was the Tearoom at the Treasurer's House just behind the Minster~
    they actually served lavender scones! deeeelish!

    thought you might enjoy tea at Miss Courtney's in Ireland see you soon & TY for today's teatime...

  11. How very lovely! I love the sign to Betty's Cafe and Tea Room! The tea set is beautiful and the food looks marvelous - I would have been in awe of a display like that! Thank you so much for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  12. Very pretty, I have tea place lik this not to far from my home. It is very similar I love it there. I love high tea it is fun.

  13. What a nice surprise you bid on! I have enjoyed royally on this delightful tearoom. When I saw the shelves with all the beautiful china tea floated me. So very beautiful at once. If I could choose one thing I choose the teapot with the blue flowers of forget-me. I wish you a wonderful continuation of the week! Zinnia

  14. Hi Betty,
    oh my, you ask if I would love to have tea there? Yes, yes and yes, I would. I tis one of the cutest tea rooms, I have seen virutally. Oh, how I would love to shop there. Everything looks so tempting. Nice place to celebrate your Moms birthday. Happy belated birthday to her.
    best greetings, Johanna

  15. Completely lovely. I would go crazy in this heavenly place..what fun!

  16. Nice photos...the idea of having tea by a fireplace upstairs sounds wonderful!

  17. You could totally make it happen! "Betty's Tea Room" right here in Redding, California. It would be amazing, just like the owner. To top it off, you could have your sweet heart in the back making little sandwiches or even better yet, he could make COOKIES! While you are in the front hosting and serving tea to all who love the experience of drinking tea in an elegant establishment as "Betty's Tea Room."

  18. Really inspiring post. Thanks for sharing :D

  19. It sure does look like a wonderful place to visit.


  20. This looks so lovely. I would love for you to drop by My Dream Canvas as well :-) I’m visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays. Really like your blog.

  21. OH MY word! I am squealing in delight!

    What loveliness - and your momma's birthday, what a wonderful special thing you ladies did that day and in such a special place!

    Love love love this post!!

  22. Hello Betty, a little late but I have stumbled upon your lovely blog. Your life seems to resonate with my own, as in your interests and your love of English tea. I live in Yorkshire, England and I am a regular visiter to Betty's tea room. I live twenty minutes away from York. How lovely it is to see pictures of Betty's on your blog


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