I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, April 7, 2013

~Strawberries and Sweet Cream~

Hello everyone,
How's your weekend going? We've had a switch in our weather. We had beautiful spring like weather in February and March, and this past couple of weeks we've had weather just like winter. Wind, heavy rains and cold temps. I did get outside to pick my strawberries.
I've had a successful bloom from the tulips I planted in January. I hope they do as well next spring. I have been reading that tulips usually do well in the first year bloom. Time will tell.

Won't you join me for a cuppa of tea and some Strawberries and Sweet Cream?

I love the cute little boxes I found at a thrift store a couple of years ago. I've been waiting until the right time to use them. That is Now!

The tulips are so beautiful, and I love my red pot. We have used on our camping trips to make coffee. I really like to use it better as a vase.

On Friday there was a yard sale across the street from my home. I was taking my granddaughter to her 13th Birthday lunch and we stopped by for a look see.  I bought this precious French looking cow creamer.  So cute.

Strawberries and Cream are so delicious.  I'm sure you'll be seeing my cute

 I picked my red tulips in the rain. I saved them from being beat to a pulp...
They were covered with dirt and I washed them before putting them in the pot.
Delicious strawberries

I'm so happy you have visited My Cozy Corner
Please come back for another visit.
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  1. Good Morning Betty, How wonderful to be picking strawberries from your garden in April. Here in the North of England, it can be as late as August if the weather is not warm enough. I have my strawberries planted in hanging baskets, and there is not a bit of green peeking through yet.
    Your red tulips are so vibrant and look beautiful in their red pot.
    Best Wishes

  2. Dear Betty,
    I love your cheerful colors and sweet cow. Everything looks so appealing and wonderful together. Love that cow too.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  3. The red tulips and strawberries look awesome with your tea things. I have a cow cookie jar that is very similar to your creamer - wonder if there was a set at some time?

  4. Betty, your own strawberries! I bet they are melt in your mouth sweet! I'm heading to the farmer's market tomorrow to see if the strawberries are in -- not to be missed! Love your strawberries and cream post. Your tulips are lovely, the precious mugs and the cute cow! Fun! Happy Tea Day!

  5. Oh, how lovely to have your own berries in your garden! We won't see berries here until July. I love your red pot and those tulips look stunning in it! The cow creamer is adorable and what a cute find. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of it. Thank you for sharing your pretty mugs, creamer, pot, and berries with us.


  6. The strawberries look delicious! The tulips look beautiful too.

  7. What an "eye grabber"!! All of that red just begs your readers to look and enjoy! The strawberries and tulips are wonderful, but I am loving that cow. What a fantastic vignette!

  8. I'm impressed that you already have strawberries. Here in Brittany they are rather ready in June or July depending on the weather. Yours are beautiful and make my mouth water!

  9. My granddaughter picked this blog to read today because she liked the cow creamer. So do I. Strawberries and real cream are a favorite dessert of mine and to me embody some of the best eats in late spring and early summer. Your cozy corner seems very cozy to me.

  10. Love strawberries and cream! What a cute creamer! And what lovely tulips! I adore tulips and fill the house with them as longa s I can!

  11. Those strawberries look absolutely luscious! My strawberry plants look rather dead yet and we won't have strawberries until July. : )

  12. I love strawberries fresh from the garden. We'll have to wait a few more months for those. Your red and white vignette is sweet - love the cow creamer. So much fun.

  13. Gorgeous arrangements and photos ~ wonderful colors ^_^


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