I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tea Time in Romantic England-Tablescape # 65

Hello Everyone, 
Good Monday to y'all. If you are a new visitor or a follower, you know I love to pretend. My favorite pretending is with tea parties and my love for the United Kingdom and France. This weekend was so beautiful in the garden I decided to have tea in (my) Downton Abbey garden.

The beautiful pink roses with a splash of naked lady lilies are so romantic in my vintage vase. 
When I arrived I had my hat and gloves and in my purse I brought my calling card.
The small white table was set with a pink and white flowered tea pot and two dainty pink and white tea cups and saucers. A vintage tea spoon was on hand to use for sugar and cream.  
The garden was trimmed ready for late summer blooms.  

The angel  watching over 'My Cozy Corner's ' garden

With the assistance of Bliss Victoria I was able to pretend for just a little while I was in Romantic England.
I was Inspired by the wonderful series of Downton Abbey and a peek inside the beautiful Highclere Castle and see the fabulous Gardens.  
A Return to Loveliness for sure. 
Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your journey.
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  1. What great imagination and having a lovely tea in England. I love the roses on your pretty china. Your lovely hat and gloves are the perfect accessories for a lady attending a garden tea. The precious tea table and chairs are a wonderful place for you to sit and relax in your garden! Have great week!


  2. Love the lilies. I am really going to try to find some for my garden. Everything looks so pretty and I'd love to stop in for a visit and chat!♥♫

  3. Your tea table is charming in the shade, perfect for afternoon tea. I like your gloves, and that edition of Victoria,I just finished reading mine.

  4. Hi Betty: I am in love with that hat! I love to collect vintage hats. Your tea time is just lovely. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  5. What an adorable tea party! It was such a pleasure to have tea in your garden.

  6. Betty, I loved it when you shared how you like to pretend....It keeps us young, don't ya think? Your chine and tablescape are wonderful...I could sit, sip and chat for hours.


  7. Good morning Betty,
    What a charming English tea in the garden! I love the hat! Such pretty china too. Pretending keeps us youthful and it's somewhat like playing house when we were little girls. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea time.


  8. Well, this is awesome. Love your vignette and it is definitely a charming English tea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  9. Your garden is really looking lovely! What a darling table you have set for your Downton Abbey Tea!

  10. beautiful roses, your garden looks great, must be nice to enjoy the garden all the time and have some tea.

  11. What a pretty spot to sit and have a cup of tea. The tea set and table setting are perfect for sipping and relaxing. It looks really pretty.

  12. Thanks dear friend for coming to visit me in Argentina, my main blog, and also follow my other site Maria Cielo. One taste and my pleasure to meet you.
    A big kiss from my beloved Argentina.

  13. What a truly lovely lovely tea.

    As you, I truly also love All Things Tea, so truly enjoyed your gorgeous setting, flowers, china, hat and gloves.

  14. Wow! Your flowers are gorgeous! It's fun to pretend now and then. I wish we really had the time for afternoon tea and could slow down the pace of our lives. I'm so looking forward to the return of Downton Abbey! Thank you for inviting us to your tea.

  15. This is so sweet and refreshing...love that tea set.

  16. Betty your table setting is simply lovely. I would enjoy having tea there anytime. Thank you for stopping by my blog I'm so glad to meet you. I'm your latest follower.

  17. I like to do that, too. Did you see my 'Posh afternoon Tea' post a couple of weeks ago? I love the flowers and the way they blend with each other and the china! Joan

  18. Very Lovely Afternoon Tea. The china is truly beautiful and the flowers beautiful. Hugs Judy

  19. Oh Betty I could jump right into your photo and have tea! I love your tea party & love Downton Abbey too!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday..Tami xo

  20. Life at Downton Abbey is always proper that's for sure! A lady must have her hat and gloves for tea!
    Charming tea table! Pinned!

  21. I'm with you! I am always pretending to be living in England. Beautiful tablescape and setting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. Betty, this spot looks exactly like England! Your beautiful flowers remind me so much of the tiny gardens full of blooms there. Your tea set is lovely - wish we could all fly away to the British Isles, right now!!

  23. Dear Betty,
    I am right there with you! Pretending to be in England...next best thing to being there. I hope you have seen Susan Branch's book about her trip to Merry Ole. You will just love it.
    Your hat is divine-and the gloves, of course. I remember the hat came from the basket you won. What a great treat that was. You won Little Women too and our blog has a little story about my trip there this summer you might enjoy. http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com
    Have a wonderful "trip", Ruthie :)


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