I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Drought in Northern California

Hello everyone, 
I thought you would like to see what a drought looks like... Sweetheart and I took a ride to Shasta Dam a week ago and I took some photos of Shasta Dam and the dam deer at the Shasta Dam Visitors Center. 
They just stood there looking at us as we stopped to take a photo.
As you can see it was a rainy afternoon.  We passed the deer and drove to the launch ramp. Wow that is a long way to back down backwards.  Most experienced boaters drive down to the bottom of the ramp and then turn around and back their boat into the water.  Smart idea.
Some statistics:
Depth at dam: 418.51'
Depth at dam a year ago: 489.19'
Distance from crest: 98.49'
Before 9-11 we could drive across the bridge on top of dam and 4-wheel drive up the mountains along the back side of the dam. After 9-11 the bridge on the top of the dam was closed to automobiles.
The remains of the main 465-foot (142m)tower used to support the cableway system at the cam site
The metal is only seen when the lake is very, very low.
We drove over to another look out point and I captured this panoramic view of the front of the dam.
Totally amazing. 
Fishermen love to fish right up close to the face of the dam. Great bass fishing.
During the summer we enjoy all the beauty of Shasta Lake. Water skiing, boating and house boating. 
Picnics and floating on a raft in a cove are my favorite things to do on this fabulous lake.
I love to travel to far-away places, but I do have a wonderful vacation spot, right in my own back yard.
14.4 miles and 22 minutes from my house to Shasta Dam. Sweet♥
Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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  1. Hi Betty,
    We've driven past Shasta on I-5 between Seattle and L.A. so many times. I've never visited the dam. We've been hearing a lot about the drought in California and hope that you get more rain. Nice photos!

  2. Wow, Maam Betty!

    These views are like in the magazine. Well done! Such a photographer, huh?

    Love the solemn ambiance.

    Hope soon, you'll have some rain pouring, at least an hour for the habitat in Cali.

    GB you All.
    C/CC girl

  3. I live in Northern California, in the Sierra Mountains, and yes it was a dry Winter. We have had more rain and snow this last month, then all Winter. We like to sail, and were hoping for some more rain for our lakes. Your pictures are pretty. If you have not shared yet at the Bacon Time Anything Goes linky, please do.

  4. Shasta Dam is one of my favorite recreational spots to go to. We have camped there at Antlers and another campground I forget the name of. We love going to the caverns - the boat ride, then the tram ride, then the cavern - especially during a hot summer day. Wow, I grew up not far from Redding and have visited many communities around there - McCloud, Mt. Shasta, Anderson, etc. I LOVE the Sundial Bridge and the gardens! Haven't been to Turtle Bay yet, but that is one of my goals for next summer!
    Isn't this drought terrible! When people get to see how low Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville are, then realize that these are the major contributors to Northern California's water supply, they should be very worried. Hopefully your boat ramps won't be high and dry too soon. I know the one at Lake Oroville is pretty much out of the water already, with not much snow melt to go!

  5. I also live in Northern California, in the foothills. I feel your pain. We are getting alittle rain here and there. Beautiful photos..I did live in Redding for a year. Lovely lake Shasta and also skiing.

  6. Oops, disregard the comment above from Redcouchrecipes. I was working on her blog and I commented under the wrong name.
    This is Linda, who resides in the foothills.

  7. Your photos are lovely, the deer look so sweet! It's strange to think of the drastic changes in the water levels.
    Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  8. We drove through an area where the drought had totally dried lakes and ponds - imagine docks just standing there with dry dirt below - now with all the heavy rain - things are back to and some places above normal - I hope your drought is lifted soon! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  9. It makes me so sad to see Shasta so low. I know what you mean by having wonderful vacation areas right in your backyard ~ I live in the Bay Area and we have so many beautiful places to visit within an hour of our home. I do love to get on a plane for a grand adventure though!

  10. Lovely photos of the Shasta reservoir, the water levels do look very low.. The deer are so cute! It would be fun to ride around the lake on a houseboat.. Great photos.


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