I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Garden Journal 2015

Hello everyone, 
Sweetheart and I have been busy finishing up our living room and master bedroom update. Saturday we hung our new sheers in the living room and on Monday we hung our artwork in the living room and bedroom. And then we (two 70+) non techies hooked our DVD to our television and hooked the tape deck, CD player to the receiver and hooked four speakers to the receiver... Three hours later we were finished.  Our daughter came down just as we were finishing up  and invited us to have dinner at her house, It was so pleasant to eat dinner and not do any dishes. Sweetheart and I were entertained by their two new puppies that have just joined the family. The total dog count in now FOUR. I love dogs as long as they belong to someone else. LOL!!! 
As they say "Now you know the rest of the story" LOL
Now to get to this month's garden journal. To see how the garden has grown from last month go here.
The May garden has a variety of blooming flowers, herbs and vegetables. As you can see the lavender is ready to harvest. 
My newest rose is Cherish a florabunda and has 28 petals per bloom.
The purple spike flowers are called Veronica. 
A Christmas Amaryllis is blooming. When the Amaryllis is finished blooming at Christmas time I bring the bulbs outside and plant them in my garden. In the spring they bloom and multiply every year. Give them a try... 
It's lavender harvest time. I have seven plants this size.
 Christmas bazaar projects this fall.  
I have Grosso lavender and it is so fragrant.
I use Alyssum as ground cover in my rose beds and as borders in other beds.
My new love this year is the Hosta. I have a big shade tree and my hostas love the space. Nice and cool. This is my first hosta bloom 

~ I am in Love~
Blooming artichokes. Last month we cooked the small artichokes from our other plant. This plant is going to bloom into a beautiful purple thistle 

The grapes are going to be very tasty and plentiful.
Yarrow is the most beautiful yellow.
Last year after the Rose Tour was over, my friend gave me several miniature rose bushes. This one is called candy cane and it is the sweetest climber.
I hundreds of plants, but my hydrangeas are so beautiful. I have lived in my house for over 45 years and I have had hydrangeas in oak barrels and two years ago I planted two hydrangeas in this bed. The big tree that's shades the hostas is also shading this bed. I think this is going to be a successful endeavor.

I plan to dry some blooms for a bouquet to put in the living room this summer. 
Always a mosaic to remember the moment.
Hopefully I will get the tripod out next week and take some photos of our living room update. 
Hope you have a nice sunny weekend.
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  1. All your flowers are so pretty, roses are my favorite!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!
    You are a better techy person than I am. There's no way I could have hooked up all of the devises you two did!! Way to go! Love your gorgeous garden pix!!


  3. My hubby does all the tech stuff. I would be in trouble if it weren't for him knowing what to do. My congrats to you both for hooking up all the equipment successfully! All your plants look marvelous! Love that lavender! The climbing rose your friend gave you is sweet. The hydrangeas are beautiful.

  4. Your garden is a place of wonder! I've never seen a blooming artichoke--and your lavender is heavenly!

  5. I love your flowers! I have never seen a mini climbing rosebush, So pretty. I grew the artichoke a few years ago. The flower is amazing! Almost like an under sea plant. The hummingbirds were checking it out also. So that was a double bounus, I don't know why I haven't planted it since.
    I can't wait to see your home projects. The plants here have really taken off. Something new every day. It is so great to see color!

  6. Lovely photos of the flowers! I just love your hydrangea..

  7. Beautiful gardens!! I love all of the lavender! Thanks for sharing your lovely space with us!

  8. One of my favourite posts! Amazing.

  9. Love that cherish rose, it is remarkable and looks similar to ranunculus which in my area is not a perennial. so I am going to have to hunt for those roses!.

  10. Betty your garden is fabulous especially the lavender and hydrangeas which I adore....

  11. I envy your big leaf hydrangeas Betty - the pink heads must be lovely when dried. With all the lavender I grow, I seldom harvest it and mine is just about ready to open. The grapes look delicious and plentiful and I know you'll enjoy eating them.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. You have such a wonderful garden. You must be on the west coast where the growing season is longer...? I have never seen artichokes growing, they have such an interesting shape and texture. Those grapes look so delicious...

  13. You are quite a gardener! Any tips for growing lavender? Do you think it will work in Alabama? We have very hot summers.


  14. RR
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    แต่จะเน้นโทนสีพาสเทล ฟ้าอ่อน ชมพูอ่อน เหมือนขนมสายไหมและมาชเมลโล่ ให้ความรู้สึกหวานแหววและฟูนุ่มเบาสบาย สาว ๆ เห็นแล้วน่าจะชอบเกมนี้ไม่น้อย


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