I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Snow

Hello Everyone!
Last week we were looking at Violets and Pansies and
this week we're looking at Snow.
The Snow fell on
Thursday~February 17th 2011
I took these photos every few hours.  You can see how the snow is building up in the garden.  On February 18th 2011 I woke up and the snow had completely melted away.

I've never seen blooms and snow on a tree at the same time.

Angel is just praying for the snow to stop and spring to arrive.

The gazing ball is covered like a snow capped mountain

Poor little pansies in a pot

OK. We don't need the sun dial today!!!

The rose bushes have new growth.  I hope they don't get damaged by the cold weather.

I hope you have enjoyed More Snow.  The winter in this area of California can be 78 degrees one day and then 32 degrees the next day. In the summer it can be 115 degrees one day and 65 degrees the next day.

Oh Well!! It keeps life interesting

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  1. Great pics Betty! I agree with the Angel, please no more snow:@)

  2. You have a beautiful yard. I am especially fond of the sundial.
    A little snow won't hurt the roses, in fact snow has great nutrients. The cold is not as welcome.

  3. We've only had 2 days of snow here this winter! So far so good...

  4. Oh the little pansies will be OK.. their leaves may need to be pinched, the flowers deadheaded, but once it warms up again, they'll rebound without a sound of winter in sight..
    Have a wonderful day..

  5. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. So beautiful so unreal with all these snow covering everything! I guess "unreal" to me because I don't get snow in where I live. But I love it! I miss having a white winter! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Crazy weather! We have some odd days ourselves- Washington. It keeps it interesting, that's for sure. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We're having the same odd winter here. My primulas are shivering in the beds and I swear that the magnolia buds just might turn themselves inside out in self defense!

  8. You have a lovely garden, even in the snow! Crazy weather this year. No snow here ... ice ... I'll take the snow!!!!

  9. This happened here last spring and, unfortunately, some plants suffered permanent damage. Good thing for hardy pansies that seem to endure the worst and keep right on chugging. Here's to warmer days ahead!

  10. Fantastic shots! What beautiful scenery.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  11. The snow photos are beautiful...keep them for when the temps are over 100...you'll like them more at that time!!! I think we'll all be glad to have some nice spring days!!!

  12. Pretty photos of a pretty yard! They could be in Victoria magazine! Bess


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