I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I'm excited about sharing with you another ONE of my true loves. 
I love Lavender.
I have one plant and last week it was harvest time.  Oh My Gosh!!!  What fun to pick and have a wonderful scent floating up as I clipped away.  I did have a visitor or two.  The BIG BLACK BEES.  
I would love to show you what I did with Just One Lavender Plant.

'Grosso' Lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso' A bushy and round plant with green foliage.  Long stems bear long dense spikes with flowers of violet blue and darker violet calyces.  An all purpose Lavender.  Full sun Zone 6 36"tallx32"wide. (I just copied this info from the tag when I bought this plant).

When the stems are wet I bundle them into 20 stem bundles. And, hang upside down on a rod in the plastic tub. As they dry some of the buds fall off into the bottom of the tub.   And, I save them for other uses.

When the bundles are dry, I tie the bundles with raffia, put in plastic bags and tie with a Lavender ribbon.  This basket is a great place to store them.  Even a small tap on the basket and the buds come falling down.

Yesterday was soooo beautiful in my garden.  I have a small children's picnic table the granddaughters use when we have family get togethers.  I love how it's getting a real aged look. And, the old wooden box  I've had forever. It was just a joy to showcase my Lavender projects in such a fun way.

 I love my Lavender books.  What great resources.  Ideas for uses of Lavender and also the other wonderful world of Herbs.  Great reading!!!!

I have only made a few Lavender Fire stick Bundles.  A big bag of stems is waiting for me to gather together and tie with raffia.  As I mentioned yesterday in my blog post, the Lavender Fire stick bundles can be thrown in the fireplace to make great aroma or put into the grill for a gourmet smoke that brings a whole new taste to your cooking.

 Lavender sachets are fun to make.  Do you recognize the Martha Stewart tablecloth pattern that was so popular a few years ago? I love to utilize fabric for another good purpose.

Tub Teas and small bags of Lavender are a great way to use Lavender buds.  The recipe for Tub Teas will be in a later post.  I give a bundle of Lavender, one small Lavender sachet and one Tub Tea as a hostess gift when invited as a guest.  The Tub Tea can hang from the faucet just like a tea bag.

Small Lavender sachets are a natural insect repellent.  Very natural.  Great to hang in a closet or put in a dresser drawer.

I love Tub Tea!!!!!

My Lavender eye mask is so relaxing to my eyes.

I was suprised when my daughter and granddaughters gave me this precious tea pot for my birthday in June.  The Lavender on the tea pot is a beautiful color. And, I love Lavender and Mint tea.  It can be made Hot or Cold.

Lavender Water
Designs by Gollum has a great recipe to make Lavender Water. Click HERE.

The loose Lavender buds I keep to use for more projects that I'm going to be posting about in the future.  FUN........
The Lavender wand is made with fresh picked Lavender.  It's a fun gift to give with some beautiful paper napkins as a hostess gift.

 Have you enjoyed your visit about the uses of
 Just One Lavender Plant? 

I'm so happy I could share MY LOVE FOR LAVENDER with you.
Do you grow Lavender?
I love comments



  1. I am highly allergic to lavender but I sure have enjoyed your share. You captured everything so beautifully, & such wonderful ideas, gifts & creations. Have not heard of tub tea before.

    Thank you for a wonderful visit.

    TTFN ~

  2. I absolutely love lavender, I have 3 plants in my garden, this will be the first season I harvest, since is too cold where I live I don't have blooms yet, may be in July and August, have you ever tried lavender syrup or lavender and rose ice cream? I have a Victoria magazine full of lavender recipes, I'm planning on trying them all.
    Lovely post, hope you have a wonderful first day of summer!
    XXX Ido


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