I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Retreat with Anne of Green Gables

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As I'm writing this post I can hear the wind blowing the leaves around outside.  It's late in the evening and the house is quiet from the days activities.  Sweetheart and I have watched our favorite television programs and now it's my time to Show and Tell you about
My Cozy Corner Fall Retreat~With Anne of Green Gables.

This afternoon I set my little tea table in the patio.  The swing is covered with a Matisse bedspread I bought on clearance and the pillows are covered with a soft terrycloth.  I made slipcovers so I can change them depending on the season.  Of course I put one of my angels on the table by my tree fern and the Boston fern is so lush and green this year. 
The patio swing is wonderful reading spot on a warm fall afternoon.

Now my story about Anne spelled with  an e of Green Gables.  While in England I visited the British Library and in the book store I saw this book  'Anne of Green Gables.'  I know most of you have read this book when you were a young person, but I never did.  I thought my 11 year granddaughter would love to have this book as a memento of her grandma's trip to England.  Well I gave the book to her as soon as I returned.  After a couple of weeks I asked how she liked the book.  "Oh grandma I haven't read it yet."  That was in July.  Now September rolls around and I ask " How do you like Anne of Green Gables."  "Oh grandma I haven't read it yet."  Hum....Now I haven't read the book and she isn't reading the book so asked her if I could borrow Anne of Green Gables for awhile. "Oh yes, grandma."
What a wonderful book!!! I just love it.  I think it was written for young people, but as an adult the life lessons and the descriptions of places are amazing.  Now I have a new place I want to travel to.  Yes, Prince Edward Island.  I want to see the island thru Anne's eyes. 

The Chrysanthemums are still blooming in the back garden and the Japanese Anemone are profusely  blooming in the front yard. Wonderful~Wonderful.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I frequently buy things at a thrift store that supports Breast Cancer with the income from sales of the donations given.  They have the most wonderful tea cup and saucers and tea pots for sale. 
This tea cup looked so much like Autumn with the beautiful Pears and Autumnal colors. 

I love to put tea leaves in this antique spoon that my grandmother used to use.  Sometimes when I was young I would use it too.

When I saw this tea pot I thought it looked just like my great-grandmother's tea pot she brought over from England in 1914.  I just had to have it.

This cupcake was Lesson 3 in my cake decorating class on Thursday.  It's called a Shaggy Mum.  A Shaggy Mum is the perfect decoration for my cupcake at my fall retreat.
(Hopefully my technique will improve with practice)

I love to have my angel bookmark holding the page for my next adventure with Anne spelled with an e.

A great place to be:
A great book, tea and a dream of a vacation to a far away place. 
Life can't get any better.

Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.
I always enjoy your visits.

Please come along with me while I visit some fabulous places with wonderful things to see.
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  1. Good morning...

    Wow! looks your enjoying your time. How I wish I could go such baking class.

    You done a great job.

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm.

  2. Hi Betty,
    you have such a cozy spot to sit and read or enjoy a cup of tea.
    I am glad you enjoyed Anne and hope you will make the trip to Anne's land someday-you won't be disappointed! The sequels to Anne are really good too-I always loved Rainbow Valley.

  3. Good morning Betty,
    What a cozy spot to have a cup of tea. I'm glad you liked the story of Anne with an 'e'. You will love the Island if you ever come to visit. Living on the Island myself, I can assure you that it is every bit as wonderful as the story leads you to believe.
    Your Pears teacup is very pretty and lovely for Autumn. Thank you so much for joining me for tea today. Have a delightful week.


  4. Oh, Betty -- I am SOOOOO glad you've discovered Anne. I did read the first book when I was a young girl -- then about 10 years ago, when I was homeschooling my children I decided to read the entire series as we waited out a LONG Minnesota January. I fell positively in love and yes, Prince Edward Island certainly is on my list to travel to :)


  5. your teacup is lovely and perfect for the fall. I love the pictures you show here this week! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Oh what a perfect setting for tea and a little snack. Love your teascape too. The pear teacup is stunning. So lovely. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love the Anne of Green Gables books, they were so lovely. PEI is on my list of places to visit.

  8. I love everything about this post, Betty! Your photos are wonderful, and the Anne books are very dear to me. Have tried to leave comments, but didn't realize I had to be signed in to Google (at least on the office computer). Finally figured it out! Have a great weekend, Bess

  9. A sweet post - glad I came to this.

    That shaggy cupcake is neat!

    I tried to get my 11 year old niece to read it but it was just too difficult for her - I was 15 when Mom gave me my copy for Christmas - and I understood it perfectly - perhaps it's time to get your G daughter to read it again?

    Good luck!!


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