I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tablescape # 36

Hello Everyone,
I know when I do a Thanksgiving Tablescape The year is almost over.
After November 24th 2011
It is January 1st 2012.
December just disappears.
Please join me as I set our Thanksgiving table for November 24, 2011

Last year was my first Thanksgiving in Blogland. I was so overwhelmed with the myriad of wonderful Tablescapes.  If blogging was a job! I would say I LOVE THIS JOB~

Candle Stick Holders~Vintage Christmas gift. Define vintage-Anything over 50 years. Well I guess I'm vintage.  LOL~

Acorn Plates~Michael's Craft Store this year $1.00 each. Oven, dishwasher and Microwave safe. 
 I love them. Not just for decoration.

Salad Plate
Staffordshire - England Genuine Hand Engraving by Ridgway
"Antique Rose"

Please note: I had the dessert spoon above the plate, but as you can see the space is limited.  In my haste to photograph the tablescape I forgot to put the soup spoon in the correct place.
Senior moment~Please forgive me!

If you need a yellow dish - Go to the Dollar Tree.  I did.

Dinner Plate

Amber votives from a Thrift Store - 6 for $2.00

If you are new to my blog I love foul.  My Cozy Corner living room has many duck prints and foul related decor. 
But this Duck is my pride and joy. Why you ask?
My Son Carved It for Me.

I have different glassware and different shades of brown cloth napkins.  I purchased 4 brown napkins for a tablescape for 4 place settings.
With the 6 place setting I needed more brown napkins.  But alas I could not find the same ones.  So 3 chocolate brown napkins  and 3 brown napkins were used on this table.  I have read in magazines that it's OK to mix it up a bit.  

  different shades of colored napkins

The flatware is 'Affection'

The cups and the creamer are ready for coffee and some dessert.

I love the look of the GOLD Chargers

Wooden napkin rings give this tablescape a woodsy feel and I added a lighter brown tone napkin to the brown napkins at each place setting.

The lighting for the photos was from overhead and the time of day was around four in the afternoon.  We usually have our Thanksgiving Dinner in the evening.  And the table would have this lighting and the gold tablecloth adds more gold tones to the photos.

Thank you for joining me as I set the dinner table for a Thanksgiving feast at My Cozy Corner.

I'm joining some special folks that have made a big difference in my life this year.
I am a Grateful Blogger.
Please visit my friends.
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Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.


  1. Very lovely table, Betty...the china is beautiful. Cute acorn dishes. Love the centerpiece, your son is very talented.

  2. You have a very beautiful tablescape. I can't believe some of the beautiful dish are that cheap that is why I love thrift store, we don't know what we discover ^_^

    Pretty In Pink

  3. Hi Betty..what a lovely table and I really like how you found wonderful pieces at the dollar tree and thrift store. Awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving..xo Tami

  4. You will definitely have one of the prettiest table settings for the holiday. Wonder what it will look like afterwards.

  5. Beautiful table - I agree with LV's comment which is above mine at the moment. And smile as I think of what it will look like afterwards. Didn't I read you have all girls? Yep. It won't look that bad. :) I couldn't help think about washing them all. Or setting it and then removing plates. But then, I didn't know the soup spoon was out of place either. :) Beautiful carved duck, wait, who did you way carved it? Okay, there are some boys in the mix. Maybe it's just the grandkids who are girls? (I was reading your profile earlier). Anyway - wonderful post! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks, enjoyed my visit! Jenn

  6. I really like the lushness of your table. It is full and bountiful...just like Thanksgiving is supposed to be! I'm really drawn to the Antique Rose pattern of your china. Very nice! Have a relaxing weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. your table is lovely. very warm and welcoming. The stafford dishes are perfect on it.. Happy Thanksgivings, xo Marlis

  8. Lovely table.Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and a Happy Pink Saturday

  9. Time seems to fly by every month of the year for me. Beautiful table.
    Happy Holidays!

  10. It's a very warm and welcoming table. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Your table is beautiful. As far as the different brown napkins go, I like the variation - so much more interesting than everything one shade.

  12. Would love to come and sit at your table!!! How very lovely!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Cathy

  13. Lovely Thanksgiving table. I love all the fall colors. The duck is indeed special since it was carved by your son and the perfect addition to your table. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. That's a lovely table-setting for sure! :)

  15. These are delightful images of what looks to be a very nice table setting for your family and guests. happy Thaskgiving~

  16. Love your vintage Staffordshire! They look great with the acorn ramekins.

    - The Tablescaper


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