I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas in the Dining Room

Happy Holiday to all.
12 days to Christmas and we are almost ready at My Cozy Corner.
The dining room is ready for my Christmas Tea on Friday.
I will be sharing photos of the afternoon with you next week.
But now, on to Christmas in the Dining room.
Let's work around clockwise.
The vintage English Dishes I used for my Thanksgiving Tablescape(Here) have found a new home on the top of the china cabinet that holds the glassware and silver pieces.
A little bear represents my Christmas theme. 

Now let's move over to the tea cup cabinet.  I put my Delft Blue and White dishes on top and I think they have found a new home also.  For this Christmas season I decorated them with some small nutcrackers, lights and a bit of greenery.

A cloche with cups and saucers

Sugar and Creamer and my Blue and White tea pot 

I moved the buffet over to the window for the winter months.
I have collected a few Nutcrackers and I used my Tartan runner I made from a tablecloth.  I think the nutcrackers look very regal and special.
Now let's see
'English Dishes'
'Dutch Dishes'
'German Nutcrackers'
'Scottish Tartan runner'

'Olde English Christmas crackers'

History: Wikipedia~The Oxford English Dictionary records the use of cracker bon-bons and the pulling of crackers from the early 1840's.  Tradition tells of how Thomas J. Smith of London invented crackers sometime in the 1840's.  He created the crackers as a development of his bon-bon sweets, which he sold in a twist of paper (the origins of the traditional sweet-wrapper).  As sales of bon-bons slumped, Smith began to come up with new promotional ideas.  His first tactic was to insert mottos into the wrappers of the sweets (cf.fortune cookies), but this had only limited success.
Smith added the "crackle" element when he heard the crackle of a log he had just put on a fire.  The size of the paper wrapper had to be increased to incorporate the banger mechanism, and the sweet itself was eventually dropped, to be replaced by a small gift. See more about the cracker Here.

'Mexician Poinsettia'

Our entertainment center in the dining room holds
The Twelve Days of Christmas dishes. 
 I've had these dishes for years. We would have dinner and the kids would try to find the salad plate with the five golden rings so they could sing the most. What a hoot.
The Twelve Days of Christmas are from Christmas Day until the beginning of Epiphany January 6th; (the 12 days count from December 25th until January 5th).  Here for more information.

Around the room to the Feather Tree Here

I was visiting Pat @ Back Porch the other day and saw a darling sleigh decoration. 
Pat. I'm a copy cat~ I found this sleigh and put together my version of a Christmas sleigh.
Thank you Pat for your inspiration!

Well! We have toured the Dining room and I've had a great time sharing with you My Cozy Corner.
I'm joining:

Thanks for visiting and a big hello to
okio B Designs
A Lapin Life
my newest followers.
see you soon


  1. Everything looks so festive and I am in love with that tea-cup cabinet. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. I adore nutcrackers like you do. You have some beauties here. Congratulations...it all looks merry and bright!

  3. Hi Betty, everything looks lovely. I especially love your nutcrackers. They are so festive and jolly.

    Barb ♥

  4. The sleigh is my favorite and the room looks lovely. Pat

  5. What a festive home and the sleigh is to gorgeous! I love nutcracker but do not have any....time to find some!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds


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