I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

*Thoughtful Valentine Gifts*

Hello Everyone,
It's Valentine's Day eve and my Sweetheart and I are going to start preparing our favorite Valentine's dinner in a little while.
The sun is setting as I write this post. Our light is dimming after 52 years of marriage and celebrating this happy day with my sweetheart is the most special Valentine's Day ever.
I don't know if I have ever shared with you that in February 2009 my sweetheart had a 5 way heart bypass.  For the last three years we have learned to live a new life.  Recovery was slow and we developed a great compassion and closeness that we had never experienced before. 
God has healed us both. 
This morning I awoke to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, candy and a card carrying the message of a grateful man to his loving wife. 
Love is simple and beautiful. The small things in life are very important as we age. Good health. A loving family and service to others are the greatest gifts in life. Tonight I hope you all have the most wonderful evening with the one you love. Because I will be praying for another wonderful, loving year for us in 2012.  

A simple trip to the grocery store and a bouquet called Purple Passion was sitting on our dining room table with a box of candy and a card.

Since I've gone back to work part-time, sweetheart has been doing some cooking for us. 
And he is also the taxi driver for our two granddaughters.  Everyday after school he goes around the block and picks up the girls from school and takes them to day care.  Their mother is now a single mom after 20 years of marriage and is busy trying to work, go to school and manage two young girls. We try to help out if we can.  We are so blessed that our daughter has moved up the street from us. She is close to us but not that close. If you get my drift. She is a great inspiration and caring daughter.
Sweetheart has started to bake cookies for the girls and takes them a couple of cookies to eat on the ride up the hill.  LOL.  I just learned today from my eldest granddaughter LOL means LOTS OF LOVE.

Yes, this is a very sentimental post, but I felt it was a perfect time to share with you the rest of my story. 
Lots of water goes under a bridge in 52 years of marriage. 

I love blogging.  It is a way to journal in a very positive way. Our stories are what makes us who we are. 
I'm so grateful to have this time to share my thoughts with my friends and family. 
Bless you all.

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  1. Betty, what a wonderful post! so glad you and your husband had a great Valentine's day! Feb. 14th is a very special day for me as well, it is my wedding anniversary. My beloved husband passed away 10 years ago at the age of 53. This past Feb. 14th would have been our 41st anniversary. It has been quite a journey,but I have learned to count my blessings and cherish the good memories he and I shared. May God bless you and your husband with many, many more years of love and joy.

  2. Thank you Betty for linking to my blog today. Looks like you had a wonderful Valentines Day!

  3. This is the sweetest post -- so inspirational! Your Valentine gifts are lovely; the Purple Passion bouquet is gorgeous! May you be blessed to have many more years with your husband.


  4. Hi Betty, This is so pretty. What a sweet, loving hubby you have!

    You may want to check out this post...hint, hint: http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/2012/02/french-bleu-vintage-two-giveaways-and.html

  5. What a sweet husband you have - so Delightsome! White Chocolate and Macadamia nut cookies are my son-in-law's favorite cookie that my daughter makes for him. It is wonderful that your daughter is close enough to have you two make these special occassions with your granddaughters. Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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