I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Valentine Love Story ~ 2011

Hi Everyone,
I'm joining Happy To Design for Sunday Favorites 
for a re-run of 2011 Valentine's Day @ My Cozy Corner
I hope you enjoy!!!
My Valentine Love Story Tablescape
I truly love Valentine's Day because it's the day "My Sweetheart" asked me to marry him.
We met in the Spring of 1959.  We both sang in the high school choir and one day I looked up to the row of bass singers and I saw this darling face smiling at me.  I was amazed.  He was so cute.  We dated and fell in love. On February 14th 1960  we drove to San Francisco to have dinner and see a movie to celebrate Valentine's Day. And while we were having dessert "My Sweetheart gave me a my engagement ring and proposed to me. We were married on July 17th 1960.
 (CLICK HERE) to see our Wedding Photos.

Now the story about how "My Sweetheart" and I have celebrated Valentine's Day for the last 50 years.
The first 30 years while the children still lived at home we would go out to a wonderful restaurant and have a wonderful dinner.
But, for the last 20 years we have stayed home for dinner.

Dinner for Two in My Cozy Corner
Our Menu
Lobster Tail
Caesar Salad
Chocolate Dessert
and Dancing

The candy jar is on the table every year.

Mr. and Mrs. Happy Couple

'Red Roses' for our True Love and Lots of Kisses too.

 This is 'My Heart' 

A Glass of Bubbly

The Heart of Romance

Chocolate is so good for the Heart

And the Best part of the evening is "My Sweetheart" takes me in his arms and we dance to our favorite love songs.
I have added a play list to this post at the bottom of the page
I hope you enjoy our songs!!!!

Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.
I have enjoyed sharing My Valentine Love Story with you all. 

Have a wonderful weekend 
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Betty,
    What a wonderful story of LOVE... I love your dinner for two and the candy... Have a great day! Pat

  2. Ah, Betty, such a sweet story of love and committment. I love stories like yours. Thank you for sharing with us and I wish you and your sweetheart many more loving and happy years together.



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