I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea for Anne Shirley

Welcome everyone.  
I hope your weekend is going well. 
 The heat in Northern California is in the three digits, but low in humidity. 
This afternoon I went outside and prepared tea for Anne Shirley.
Anne of Green Gables  
While thrift shopping a couple of weeks ago I found this beautiful cup and saucer.
I love the green with the dark red roses and gold trim.

A big thank you to Sandi for setting the table and I have some special things to bring to the tea party.
In October of 2011 I had a post about Anne of Green Gables.
To See the post 
Just a sample of the post about Anne of Green Gables and my trip to England.

The roses, lantana and lavender are from my garden.  With all the heat they are doing fairly well.
The amethyst vase and my favorite mint julep vase are so wonderful for summer bouquets.
My great-grandmother's tea spoon is always ready to use for a special tea party.

I was trying to find the Amethyst Brooch for Anne so she would be able to go to the picnic, but I only found two little angels and a pair of Sunday gloves... 

I have Cavendish, Prince Edward Island is on my travel list of places to see. 
A romantic time 1908 when Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote 
'Anne of Green Gables' 
With the Victorian era just ending in 1901.
This is a tender story of an orphan girl living with the Cuthberts, and taking much joy in life. 

My new cup and saucer is 
Bone China A3 'Colclough' Made in England
This is the first 'Colclough'  in my collection.
I think I will be looking for more soon.

Early this morning I harvested my lavender plants. I have one large plant  and two small plants.  
Do you think Anne Shirley would like to smell this bundle of  lavender?

Playing with my editing software.  I love to crop and enhance my photographs.

I collect Angel pins and these two pins are my favorites.
I would wear a different pin on my jacket everyday to work.  In the old days.
Now I'm home gardening, cooking and blogging and I wear~Guess What? Yes, comfy clothes.

Another look at my white roses. 
White roses grow wonderfully in the heat. 
 The color does not fade and they look crisp like a crisp white blouse.

The vintage square tablecloth I found at the thrift store.
  I was so happy when the floral pattern matched the color of the roses on the tea cup and saucer perfectly. 

Summer is moving along. We are in July and my sunflowers are growing fast. 
The granddaughters are all coming for a visit at the end of July and the patio is the first place they
sit and visit after not seeing each other for a year.
Happy Days for G'Pa and Me.

Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.
Thank you again Sandi for the fun party!
I will be joining for friends for tea and I would love to have you come along with me.
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 Thank you to my new followers and  your wonderful comments


  1. Oh BOY would I love to be on that patio seating area for tea right now

    What lovely photographs

    Nice little getaway :)

  2. Lovely photos. I like your pretty teacup and the vintage table cloth. It would be nice to join you for tea on your patio. Pamela

  3. Lovely garden tea party. Your flowers are gorgeous and I really like your new teacup! Happy Tea Day!

  4. I like all the wonderful things you're sharing for tea today; the pins, gloves and that purple vase. Pretty flowers and a nice new teacup, I'm glad I visited for tea today.

  5. Hi Betty,
    What a beautiful bouquet of white roses, and the flowers in the mint julip cup are very lovely too. Wonderful photos, pretty purple vase, gloves and pins. I like how your new teacup goes so well with the tablecloth. They were made for each other! I enjoyed your tea very much. Thank you for havng me and thank you for coming by to have tea with me today. Have a lovely week.


  6. I think that Anne Shirley would love to go to sleep with a sachet of your lavender on her pillow! Such a lovely post....just visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  7. what beautiful bouquets of flowers, both of them, the white is gorgeous but then so is the yellow. Love the cup and saucer and yes the tablecloth is perfect with it. I don't think my lavender is doing well, must check it in the morning. Thank you for sharing...

  8. I love how each one of us are bringing something different to the Anne of Green Gables tea! I love the part about the Amethyst broach! There's so much loveliness in that story! I love your flower arrangements - my neighbor has some of that same lantana - I hope to root it later this fall. The heat is waning here - happily along with afternoon thunderstorms - summers in the south! I know you'll have a marvelous time with your grandchildren - your patio is a perfect place to relax and enjoy each other's company! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  9. How sweet this post is......and the photos are lovely!

  10. Love he combination of the roses with the Confetti Lantana. Never thought to combine them. Really love it.

  11. What a truly lovely post, Betty!

  12. What a lovely post for Sandi's Anne party. I love lantana. Used to have a lot of it when we lived in No Cal. Your teacup is wonderful and your setting is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and treasures!

  13. What a lovely post about Anne. Your flowers are beautiful and I love the tablecloth and teacup, and the gloves give it the finishing touch! I went and visited your other post about Anne and enjoyed it very much. What a wonderful vacation! Have a good rest of the week.


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