I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visiting The Japanese Tea Garden

Welcome to The Japanese Tea Garden.
 A place to experience the natural beauty, tranquility and harmony of a Japanese-style garden. 
While visiting San Francisco last week, Sweetheart and I took a walk in Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden. What a beautiful place. Sweetheart and I enjoyed some Miso soup in the Tea House and walked along the path exploring the sights. Especially the five story Pagoda that graced the 1915 Japanese exhibit at the Panama-Pacific Exposition.
As some of you know I love to make my own greeting cards. Every year I pick a photo from  a memorable place Sweetheart and I have visited, and send a handmade card with a photo to family and friends at Christmas time. 
This is the photo I have picked for Christmas 2013. 
I have four cards to join the Vee's Note Card Party. 
The Shinto Shrine
The beautiful landscape design by Makoto Hagiwara 
The Temple Gate
The Arched Drum Bridge

Truly Amazing
For more information about the Japanese Tea Garden Go Here.
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  1. Oh Betty- how lovely!

    I have been to San Francisco- sure wish we would have taken the time to go to this gorgeous place!

    My husband's best friend (and best man at tour wedding) lives near enough to SF to warrant a trip there one day. They named their first son after my husband and we have yet to meet this cutie! I see a trip there in our bucket-list future.

    Gorgeous "cards!"

  2. What a marvellous place to visit and the photos make wonderful note cards.

  3. I would love to visit a serene and tranquil place like this tea garden one day....your photos have me feeling very zen! Visiting from Vee's note card party. xo

  4. Betty, what a wonderful trip. San Francisco is always such a treat. I love the Japanese Garden -- calm and serene. Lovely shots!

  5. I love all of your photos -- the last one being my favorite. The very first one is interesting in that, as you scroll down the screen, there is an optical illusion of sorts going on.

  6. Such delightful design and lovely architecture. Those four notecards would make a wonderful set.

  7. All four make a lovely pack of note cards.
    I can see it was a peaceful and inspiring garden to visit.
    Did you manage to visit inside the five tiered pagoda - isn't that a fabulous red!
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter Betty (in case I don't catch you again)!
    Shane ♥

  8. I love all four but the bridge is my favorite. These would be excellent note cards.

  9. Isn't it a lovely place? We've been there several times and when my daughter was little she climbed on the arched bridge, then we had tea before leaving. GREAT photos, perfect for cards. Happy Spring :)

  10. Gorgeous photographs of an enchanting place. How blessed to have had the opportunity to visit such an exotic garden.


  11. I love them all, but without a doubt my favorite one is the last one. I love the arched look of it. What a wonderful place to visit!

  12. Japanese gardens are awesome places to visit. You can feel your blood pressure go down when you step into one! Very colourful!

  13. What beautiful gardens, my favorite one is the last one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Such interesting architecture that you've captured so well in your photos. Gardens are always wonderful.

  15. Betty that garden is lovely. We have a couple of Japanese tea gardens here in Vancouver too and I always visit the pagoda and garden at RGB Kew each summer. There's something so tranquil about these gardens.

  16. I like the last one best but a very nice collection here!

  17. How cool! I really like that bridge, but I sure wouldn't want to go up and down it, LOL. Wonderful selection.

  18. What a beautiful and peaceful-looking garden! I have been to San Fransisco several times, but I have never made it there. Your photographs are amazing - thanks for sharing!!

  19. I was there in the seventies. I have one dinky picture. Yours are fabulous and I know you enjoyed this awesome garden.

    Maybe I can go back someday.

  20. Oh my goodness, your photos reminded me that I was there when I was a girl of 10 - a long time ago!!!

    Wonderful to have you at SEASONAL SUNDAYS.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. I look forward to someday visiting San Francisco, and would love to see the beautiful pagoda. What a great idea for Christmas cards.

  22. I have been fortunate to also have been able to visit this enchanting place is San Francisco's Golden Gate park! Your photos are beautiful! Happy to visit you form Mosaic Monday!

  23. Wow! Love the oriental theme of your photo mosaic ~ Beautiful! ~ Enjoy ^_^

  24. Wow, what a beautiful garden to visit. I love the pagoda and the beautiful arch. Looks like a fantastic place to take photos. Looks and sounds like a great day, Betty! Beautiful photos.

  25. I have to say WOW too, that is an amazing place, the beauty is just outstanding!

  26. Wow, this is really breathtaking - what a gorgeous garden and Pagoda! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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