I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Garden Blooming and Pergola Changes

Remember When?
We've come along way Baby! 
Welcome everyone,
If you have been following My Cozy Corner for awhile, you know about my secret garden project.  Sweetheart and I have been working on this side yard for a couple of years. Since retirement we seem to work slower now than when we worked everyday.  During the last couple of months I've been busy planting perennials and a few annuals to fill in the spaces for the summer months.
The 'Sallie Holmes' in the corner has been replaced with a new healthy one. And
I'm so excited about designing a beautiful space.
I planted some tulips and this is a close-up.
 I think a post with a bouquet of tulips is in the future. 
On the west side of the pergola is a border of Azaleas. I have a couple of pink lace azaleas planted, but they're not blooming yet.
A new white dwarf lilac is planted in the big garden.
The strawberries are blooming and the snails are making a big attempt to win the battle to eat more than I do...I hope they leave me more to photograph.
I love the early blooming perennials, especially bleeding hearts, snowdrops and lily of the valley. 
I have so many beautiful plants growing and I wanted to document the progress of  this year's growing season. I can't wait until next month to see the peonies blooming along the back fence. 
Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner
 and looking at the garden progress and pergola changes.
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  1. Your little patio is so cozy and I love the vine covering the top, it will make it so sweet for lovely little gatherings...

  2. Good Morning Betty, I have just returned from my holiday in India and thought I would pop by to say hello to you. What a wonderful garden project....I love your choice of plants, particularly the lilac and azaleas. I know what you mean as George and I are retired, and projects are completed at a much slower place these days. I think it is because we both know we have the time during the day and so we work a little in the garden, then sit down and have a cup of coffee and then start again. Your terraced area will look beautiful when the flowers bloom. I am really looking forward to seeing the end result. Happy Easter to you. Best wishes Daphne

  3. I love your pergola and the vine. Your plantings and flowers are beautiful. You created a lovely space! Have a happy week!

  4. You are FAR ahead of my region - I only have Lenten rose and crocus so far. Your pergola is beautiful! Happy Monday from the enchanted oven.

  5. New projects are always exciting either indoor or outdoor. Your patio is a lovely place and the picture of your flowers very promising. About strawberries, I would say to put a small bowl of cider or beer next to them: snails and slugs love that and get drunk in it! It worked for me! They get the beer and you get the strawberries, which is a nice deal, according to me!

  6. Really a lovely cozy corner you have. It is very nice now, but when the flowers are added it will be more stunning.

  7. Your patio with the pergola is just beautiful, Betty! Love your azaleas too! Happy spring to you.

  8. Patio looks so inviting ~ Lovely photography for OW ~ ^_^

  9. Gorgeous plant choices - I really do wish I could grow Lilac! I am searching for varieties that can take our southern heat. I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  10. Your pergoloa adds such a nice room framing to your garden, Betty, and must give you good shade. It is fun to see how much is already growing where you are ...we will have to wait until the end of May into June to see the same. I have many rabbit visitors to my yard so I doubt I'll be able to grow strawberries any longer!

  11. I loved your garden. It's so serene and tranquilizing. Love from Turkey:)

  12. Wow, your blog is amazing and your garden is very very beautiful. Kisses from Spain.


  13. Hi Betty, thanks for the visit and kind words. And your little corner will be awesome and a corner for a nice cup of coffee in just a little while. Plants most of the time don't disappoint the caretakers.

  14. Betty, you have some beautiful plants and your garden is going to be a real delight shortly. How nice to have a fence. We are not allowed to build a fence here where we live. I really wish we could. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend.


  15. oh oh oh , that is just what I want on my side yard too ... you are doing a great job, looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy Pink Saturday !

  16. I've checked out your other posts regarding your pergola, and just by looking at the pictures, I can tell how different it is now than before. You made the entire area livelier. The table set looks great being on the center. I’m wondering if you have plans to make the setting cozier though. How about having a couch instead? Adding sheer curtains is a good idea too for some dramatic effect. ;)

    Angelina Garcia

  17. Great job! Your pergola has definitely improved since last year. The addition of the plants make it look more refreshing. The last time, your pergola was scorching under the heat of the sun. Now it looks like a really inviting place for breakfast or afternoon tea.

    Kendra Dennis @ ChuDitch.com.au


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