I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, May 6, 2013

~A Visit to Napa Valley~

Hello everyone,
Welcome to Napa Valley, California. 
Wine Country
Sunday, April 28, 2013
Our first stop on the tour was Turnbull Wine Cellars
World-Class Fine Art Photography & Wine Tasting
"The Masters of Photography" An exhibit of works by 36 of the world's greatest photographers, featuring images created between 1880 and 1989. 
It was fabulous!
Here we are with our dear friends visiting in California for a week from Wisconsin. 
We haven't seen then since 1973... How time flies. 
Our second stop was at V. Sattui Winery and Italian Market
We had a picnic lunch and visited the underground barrel cellars.
I love this iron chandelier decorated with grapes. Awesome! 
The story of the family business. One of the oldest and most successful wineries in the U.S. 
Founded in San Francisco in 1885.  

This is the picnic area
I can't resist a pink climbing rose.
Our last stop for the day was Sterling Vineyards
The beautiful grounds are surrounded by yellow rose bushes.
The aerial tram ride to the top of Sterling Vineyards just never gets old. On the upper deck, you have a panoramic view of the valley.
Hold on to your undies~Your looking at 285 years between the four of us. 
LAUGHING OUT LOUD! I think I'm so funny sometimes.
As we drove along the highway. We would stop and look at interesting things. 
Cars and the old gas station pump for the Guys.
Flowers for the Girls. 
We had a lovely dinner at "Ristorante Allegria' Italian influenced with California Cuisine located in downtown Napa in a historic landmark, previously a bank, built in 1916. 
We could have dined in "The VAULT' 
I would have been thrilled to dine in "The VAULT'
 Maybe next time...Come back Tina and Larry!!!
Oh, The Places I've Been!
I will be joining The Tablescaper for the traveling party on Friday.
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  1. Love those climbing roses. You cracked me up too!

  2. Beautiful photos of Napa. Don't you just love the vineyards? I have visited several times and still want to go back.

  3. Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Inez - we love to wine taste in any of the valleys. California is beautiful

  4. Hi Betty, It looks like you had a wonderful trip! We did a wine tour once and had a great time. I learned so much and really have a new appreciation for all the work that goes into creating a fine bottle of wine. And of course the scenery was fabulous too. I'm going to a reunion soon with people I have not seen since 1978, and I know what you mean about time flying. It doesn't seem like it could be so long! Thanks for the tour! Linda

  5. I just love Napa and have done the Sterling vineyard tour - awesome. I was in Napa last Spring - we have friends who live there - wonderful restaurants everywhere, great wines of course, and the scenery is spectacular.

    Enjoyed going along with you and your friends - bet you had a great time together!

    Happy weekend and have a lovely Mother's Day.


  6. A wonderful visit to a beautiful location. I would love to go.

  7. What a beautiful place to visit, Betty! I lived in California for years but never got to the Napa Valley, much to my dismay. Thank you for taking us along.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week - remember to leave a comment on my blog post when you link up, please.


  8. Good Afternoon Betty, Do you know I have never visited a winery....it certainly looks like fun.
    I smiled when I read there was 285 years between you all. I was just working out George and my combined ages,
    oooh we are 125 years.
    I have really enjoyed my trip around the Wineries and their beautiful surroundings, the roses and geraniums
    are beautiful.
    Thank you for the tour.
    Best Wishes

  9. Napa is so beautiful and you did such a great job capturing it! How wonderful to get together with old friends too.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Napa Valley is on my places to visit, list! Thank you for sharing! Found you via Mockingbird Hill Cottage's A Favorite Thing linky. :)

  11. Hi Betty, oh what a lovely visit you must have had. I haven't been to Napa in about 15 years. High time I drove down there again. Road trip! :) You're a lucky girl to have such lovely friends that you fall back into a wonderful friendship even if you've been apart for so many years. :)

  12. Love Napa.

    Happy to have you at "Oh, the PLACES you've been!"

    - The Tablescaper


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