I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Mother's Day Dessert

 Hello everyone, 
How's your week going? My week has been busy. With that said! I have a recipe for a quick and easy  and delicious dessert for an exhausted retired wife, mother and grandmother. 
As everyone in the universe knows I love chocolate! 
I saw
  Triple Chocolate Fudge
and knew this was going to be my Mother's Day gift to me.
23 minutes later I had some delicious looking cupcakes. 
They are a little top heavy so I cut the top off and put it in a bowl with Ice Cream and Chocolate pudding for  our evening dessert.
The Vanilla Funfetti frosting is perfect for my dessert. The frosting has the decoration right on the top of can.
Just the right amount of pastel funfetti
I put the tip in the Wilton Pastry bag and fill it half full with frosting. I squeeze the bag to release the air pockets. It's no fun starting on top of a cupcake and a poof of air comes out instead of the frosting. 
I start at the edge where I trimmed the top. It leaves a nice looking trim of cupcake.
This is the magic tip. I love the professional look. Wilton 1M
With this tip and prepared frosting I had the cupcakes decorated in about 15 minutes. Sprinkle the decor on the top and we have an attractive presentation making  any occasion more festive looking. 
The Coral carpet rose is one of my favorite roses.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit to My Cozy Corner.
Please enjoy your special day and hopefully you will be treated like a queen in every way.
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Have a great weekend.


  1. These are not only gorgeous they sound delicious! Such pretty roses also! Thanks for linking up with TFF!

    Linda & Diann

  2. Really beautiful cupcakes. Happy Mother's day from us at Foodie Friday.


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