I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Race!

Hi everyone,
How was your weekend? Mine was great. Sweetheart and I traveled to Reno, Nevada to visit friends and family and also to attend the Great Reno Balloon Race. We've been close to home since March and it was such a treat to take a road trip during this beautiful time of year. Our road trip also took us through Lassen National Park had an amazing view the volcano. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and Friday at FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING we arrived at the park where the balloon race was held. As you can see the balloons are preparing for the GLOW. The wind picked up and the GLOW was canceled. I did snap a photo of these balloonist getting the balloon ready.

As the sun was rising we enjoyed a wonderful waffle and a delicious cup of coffee. Coffee and a sunrise-life just couldn't get any better.
Then the action started. The balloons started to inflate one by one they started to fill the field with the most beautiful sight... 
This photo might be our 2013 Christmas card.
The show started with the cutest fish balloons. 
Oh my gosh, they are kissing...And glowing too!
When two balloons touch in the air it's called kissing. 
A beautiful red, white and blue balloon lifted into the air as the American anthem was played.
Five airplanes flying in the missing man formation. 
What a blissful day. As the Mass Ascension a wedding was performed in the basket of one of the balloons.
What a Hoot!
I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes, that's the bride standing in the balloon with a beautiful dress and hat and the groom throwing rose petals from the basket of the balloon down to the visitors. 
Off they go up into the air for a beautiful ride in the first few minutes of their married life...

A blessing said before a flight.
May the winds welcome you with softness
May the sun bless you with it's warm rays
May you fly so high and so well
That God will join you in laughter
And set you gently back again
Into the loving arms of Mother Earth
I have no words for the beauty of the Hot Air Balloon. 
The balloon tells the story with the gorgeous colors against the blue sky.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to My Cozy Corner.

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  1. Hello Maam Betty,
    It's been awhile not visiting you. I was hibernating due to our beautiful summer vacation. I couldn't resist the sun shine. Until now, we still have warm days although cold in the evenings & morning.

    What an enjoyable moment to see. Never seen balloons this many.

    Happy Wednesday.
    /CC girl

  2. Wow! This is super exciting! Wonderful photo opportunity an dgreat shots!

  3. Wow- how fun! Loved seeing some of the more unique ones like Liberty, The kissing Fish and Smokey the Bear! What a fun event to witness- thank you for sharing!

  4. We have an annual event in the next town over w/hot air balloons that we always go see. I just love them!

    I'm visiting today from Katherine's Corner. :)

  5. Wonderful pictures! You are making me excited about our annual balloon festival which occurs every Oct. I love seeing the balloon glow at night...Christine

  6. wow, that is impressive, love all the different designs...what an interesting thing to have this way up in the Lassen area, sounds so remote.

  7. Hi Betty, I, too, married my high school sweetheart. 55 years of marriage last June.
    This must have been an incredible sight to behold. Your photos are great and I agree, the wedding was a hoot. What a fun story they have to tell.
    Thank you for your visit and kind comment. I am following you as well, xoGinger

  8. Hi Betty, I just realized, I already follow you. Gotta add you to my email reader. xoGinger

  9. Such colorful photos. So fun to look at. I really like the kissing fish balloons. We have a hot air balloon festival near us on the 4th of July we enjoy going to.

  10. I want to do this sooooooooo bad! Those fish were cute! I love the pics with lots of balloons in them. TFS!

  11. Beautiful, amazing post. Wish I had been there. Didn't even know about it.

  12. Just spectacular! They are all beautiful and I agree with you, what a way to start the day-enjoy:@)

  13. that was great fun, i have been to there too, and a couple of times to abq. it IS exhilarating to watch and i love that their marriage took off from the first moment. wonderful shots~

  14. All the balloons are so colourful and beautiful that they looks great and awesome. If you want to book your tickets online for this rides then you can visit http://clickit4tickets.co.uk/.


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