I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pink Camellia~Before and After

Hello Everyone!
Pink Camellia Tree

A long Winter and now it's Spring.  In February the Camellia Tree had very few blooms.  I did manage to go out in the pouring rain and cut a few blooms for the Old English Tea Pot post. 
Now it's April and the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, and I'm outside taking photos of my Blooming Camellia Tree.


I planted this Camellia 35 years ago. I wanted this Pink Camellia because the neighbor to the right of the house had the most beautiful Pink Camellia and I wanted one too. 

It's covered with blooms and the weather was so cold and wet the tree didn't bloom nicely until March... Then the rain beat down on the tree turning every bloom brown around the edges.  I did find some blooms that managed to survive the rain and bloomed on a sunny day. 


Gorgeous Bloom

 I will pruning the tree now that I have documented this year's blooms and bringing large bouquets of  My favorite Camellia into the house for more pink enjoyment...

I adore this bloom with the single petals layering to the center.  And the ice pink color is fabulous.

The brown on the bloom is from the continuous rain on the flower.

My passion is growing flowers and to have the first week of spring bring the enjoyment of this beautiful plant into my existence in amazing.  The Camellia will only survive on the North side of the house because of the intense heat in the summer. If exposed to the sun it would soon cook the poor plant.  When I planted this Camellia I tucked it under the eve of the roof to protect it from the hot afternoon sun. And it has been very happy here for a good many years.

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  1. It must be wonderful to sit under this tree. It is such a beautiful camellia! Thank you for sharing this great photos!
    Best wishes,

  2. Your camellias are so very pretty. Love the pink!

  3. My favorite camellia! It looks just like my Grandmother's Pink Perfection. I would love to find one like it. You're lucky to have such a gorgeous tree.

  4. Hi Betty - I adore camelias, and love your pink camelias. They are so delicate and gorgeous!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy Monday!

  5. Your camelia is gorgeous. I so wish to want a pink and white one... I'm planning to get rid of some of my numerous hazelnut trees in a few years to plant those dramed-of camelias instead... Yours definitely make me want to do this.

  6. Beautiful camelia! Soooo..so gorgeous!
    Love the pink :)


  7. I know that camellias can be fussy - yours is just gorgeous!

  8. Just gorgeous!! I wish I could grow them.
    You must have a green thumb.

  9. That pink is such a delicate color! Just gorgeous!


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