I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Flax Spinning Wheel

The Flax Spinning Wheel has a great story.  I love tea carts, so I found a tea cart in the newspaper one Saturday and decided to take a look.  My sweetheart and I drove to a beautiful home and was greeted by a very sweet women.  We saw the tea cart and bought it.  Then she said " would like to buy this flax spinning wheel".  I thought it was beautiful.  The upright position was intriguing.  And the price was right. I decided to buy it.  We visited awhile and found out that we had mutual friends.  The cabinet maker that built all the cabinets in their house was the same cabinet maker that built all of our cabinets.  SMALL WORLD.  We are great friends now and call each other every month or so. I love this piece and my granddaughters love to peddle the spinning wheel as they pass by going out the front door to go home after a visit with me.

Hope you enjoy my thrifty treasure.

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  1. Betty, your link is not working, you may want to go and re enter the link, and I will delete the one that does not work. This spinning wheel is amazing...and I am sure many will want to see it. Have a great VTT

  2. Oh! I love your spinning wheel, so lovely!

    Happy VTT,

  3. That is so nice. It looks like a piece of sculpture.

  4. The flax spinning wheel is a great find! Have you thought about learning to spin?

  5. very cool can you imagine how much work went into one of those

  6. That's a wonderful piece. While it has a practical purpose, it also has an artistic appeal as well. I also love that you developed a friendship with it's previous owner!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. What a lovely spinning wheel. I've always wanted to learn to spin :)


  8. Isn't that neat! You don't see those often..at least, I don't!

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. I had trouble on seeing your post earlier. Glad you got it fixed as I love the old spinning wheel. Your story behind it is very interesting. I am going to join your other followers

  10. Betty this is so fascinating! Can you just wonder the history of where this has been and the people that have used it and the things they made with it?!

    What a treasure!

  11. Betty,

    I love the flax wheel. My mama & daddy have one too. I can remember when I was smaller going by and peddling it. Thanks for sharing, Vicky


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