I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to Pack One Suitcase

Hello everyone, 
Today I'm going to pack  my suitcase for my five hour airplane flight to the East Coast. 
I have packed my Camera Case GO HERE and I've hung my outfit I'm going to wear for the long flight on the closet door. GO HERE I'm made a packing list of clothes I'm going to be wearing on my three week  or 21 day vacation. We will see how tired I get and when I've eaten enough Lobster. LOL
The yellow sweatshirt, gray top, black jeans and my Sunflower scarf I bought at the British Museum on my trip to England in 2011.  
Sea Foam Green♥ I love this color. I bought this top a Macy's on sale. I have a black sleeveless top underneath and black pants...The pair I wore on the airplane. I wear a different pair of pants everyday. I let them air out as you say. I will wear this top in the evening for dinner. Now this is a secret...I sometimes wear it every night. We are going to eat at a different place and nobody knows me anyway. 
The Autumn Leaves are falling. Have you guessed where I going yet?
I have blue jeans and white long sleeve cotton top with my fall sweater and a red scarf. How about the little apple on the zipper end. I bought this sweater in 2005 from Gottschalks. I only wear it September, October and November.
Pajamas and robe. Warm and cozy PJ's and a light robe. My sister bought me this cute robe for my birthday in June. Just to take on this trip. 
This outfit is just for lounging in the evening after a day of sightseeing. I wear yoga pants and a sweater and a soft sweatshirt in the evening while we watch television or I put this outfit on in the afternoon if we take a rest before going out to dinner. I don't mind taking off my touring clothes for a little while in the afternoon and read a book or play candy crush. Yes!!! I love candy crush. Oh I just remembered that sometimes we have dinner early and then buy ice cream to put in our freezer for a snack later in the evening. I love ice cream too.
I have a light weight jacket for rain or wind. It has a hood and nice roomy pockets. I layer a sweater under the jacket and put on a scarf and I'm good to go.

My suitcase in 24 inches long. 14 inches wide and  14 high when I close the suitcase for the last time.
So lets get started packing this suitcase.
I have a nice clean pair of SAS walking shoes with inserts to prevent my feet from hurting and scarves are inside the shoes. In the zipper I have my sewing kit,  alarm clock and night light. 
The pajamas and robe are rolled up over the shoes. red gloves in the corner. 
Clear bag contains, blush, liquid makeup, lipstick, eyebrow color, makeup brushes, deodorant  body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste.  The other clear bag contains card reader, cords for computer, adapter for Canada,2 camera battery chargers, portable USB hub, cellphone charger.
Now we are going to pack more clothes.
sea foam top, mirror, yellow top, red top and black sleeveless top.

The next compartment has, jeans and black yoga pants, yellow sweatshirt, jacket white top, gray top and black top. The net compartment has undies.
The top compartment had my tote bag with socks, black sweatshirt, autumn and gray and black sweater.
Black easy spirit shoes and book and umbrella in the top zippered compartments.
Zip the suitcase up and wrap a strap and buckle it up.
Tennis shoes, black easy spirit travel +wear black leather SAS

Light robe-1 pair of warm pajamas

2 Pair of jeans-black and navy Not My Daughters Jeans - 1 pair Yoga pants+ black pants 

Tops: gray with silver,  yellow, sea foam green, black long sleeve, red, white, black sleeveless top+purple top 

7 Socks: 3 white and 4 black stuffed in tote bag+black socks

7 Underwear: 5 panties,2 bras+panties and bra

1 Rain jacket and umbrella+warm black coat

2 Zipped sweatshirts:-Black and Yellow

2 Sweaters:  autumn decor, black and gray+black sweater

2 Scarves stuffed in tennis shoes+purple and green scarf

Red fingerless gloves and book to read

Small purse and tote bag(stuffed with socks) for goodies to bring home

Alarm clock, reading light, night light, sewing kit

Clear bag with card reader, cords for computer, adapter for Canada, 
2 camera battery chargers, portable USB hub, cellphone charger.

Clear bag contains, blush, liquid makeup, lipstick, eyebrow color, makeup brushes, deodorant  body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Magnifying mirror

I have my security pouch around my neck and I carry my passport, copy of packing list, a photocopy of my drivers license, social security card, medicare insurance, secondary medical card and drug card...I carry a copy of my credit cards and atm. I HAVE A COPY OF THIS LIST IN THE SUITCASE, MY CARRY-ON BAG AND ONE COPY AT HOME. 
I'm ready to travel
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  1. Betty, we too have become expert at one bag packing. It's such a free and easy way to travel isn't it! No waiting at the luggage carousel, just up and go! Love your outfits. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Betty, like you I've learned to pack light. I always find that a few things can get me through several weeks. I roll my clothes too. Takes up less space. ;-)
    Have a great trip. Autumn on the east coast is a beautiful time.

  3. Hi Betty, You sure do know how to pack and NOT over-pack! My problem. All of your outfits are lovely and I will follow your lead to pack our suitcases for a month long trip to France.

    Thank you for your very good advice over the past weeks. Have a wonderful time on your trip.


  4. Over packing should be my middle name! We just came back from our daughter's wedding in Dallas and I didn't need everything I packed. With baggage fees as crazy as they are I will definitely keep this post nearby.

  5. I just finished packing for a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I took pictures of each outfit I planned to wear and the days I would wear them. I alternate my pants and sweaters so this should be a super easy way for me to remember.

  6. You clearly are an expert at this! I struggle every time I pack; I either bring too much or too little. Nice job.


  7. RR
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    แต่จะเน้นโทนสีพาสเทล ฟ้าอ่อน ชมพูอ่อน เหมือนขนมสายไหมและมาชเมลโล่ ให้ความรู้สึกหวานแหววและฟูนุ่มเบาสบาย สาว ๆ เห็นแล้วน่าจะชอบเกมนี้ไม่น้อย


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