I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Friday, March 26, 2010

Church Social

Last night I went to our monthy church social.  The theme was "our childhood favorite".  Because of the time (1940's-1050's) and place ( Santa Clara Valley) I just loved to eat everything.  Fresh fruit from the orchards and fresh vegetables from our garden. My mom didn't bake much and our refrigerator would not keep ice cream cold, so my sister and I didn't get many sweet treats.  I am sure that is why now my favorite food is dessert.  And, I love to bake.

I thought I would bring my kids favorite to the potluck dinner. 
Yellow Glaze Cake or Lemon Jell-O Cake.  I found this recipe in a Grange Recipe Book. 1971 Fourth Printing. I received the book from my aunt in 1973. My kids would come home from school and bring friends, the 13 x 91/2 x 2 pan of cake was gone in a heart beat. 

First is the cake

 Second the Glaze (No Cooking)

When the kids were home I made the glaze with lemon juice and orange juice, but last night I made the glaze with maraschino cherry juice, because I wanted to cut the cake in small pieces and put a cherry on top for the kids at the party.

1 pkg. yellow cake mix
  1 pkg. yellow Jell-o, mix
Next add:
4 well beaten eggs
3/4 c. cooking oil
3/4 c. water
Beat thoroughly.
Bake in greased and floured oblong pan 13 x 91/2 x 2 at 350 degrees F. for about 35 minutes.
When baked, and while still in pan, pierce to bottom ten times with fork or ice pick, (while still hot). Pour on glaze which will sink in.

GLAZE( No cooking)
2 c. powdered sugar
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/4 c. orange juice or
1/4 c. maraschino cherry juice optional

The dinner consisted of mac and cheese ( I guess that is a kid's favorite dish).  Several different recipes of the dish were made.  Some with bacon or bread crumbs.  Some made with large noodles and some with small noodles.  It was all delicious. During the entertainment they had made popcorn, served wonderful desserts with coffee, tea and raspberry lemonade.  It was great.
Hope you enjoyed!!!!!! Thank you all for stopping by.  Please leave a comment.

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  1. Mmmm, yummy! The Social sounds lovely! Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. This looks very yummy!


  3. Betty this looks so yummy. We have to get together soon!

  4. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds and looks very delicious! Lezlee

  5. Oh, these look delicious. I love church socials. Several years ago, a cookbook was published--The Pastors' Wives Cookbook--and it had the most wonderful recipes. Thank you so much for joining us at Foodie Friday!

  6. Wonderful food and since I have not had my lunch yet I could eat many of your treats at your church social.


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