I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, April 1, 2012

~Tartan Parade~

Hello Everyone,
A Tartan Parade is going on over at
Hyacinths for the soul with Sarah.
Last June I had the privilege to visit Scotland. I'm going to share some of the beautiful clothing I saw while in Scotland. 

The group I was traveling with stopped in Edinburgh overnight before going into England. In the late afternoon my traveling companion and I walked 'Royal Mile' and enjoyed the beautiful sights of the most wonderful city.
These are some of the clothing stores we saw.
I know all you ladies love clothes. 
I know I do. 

I love Tartan.  The colors are so fabulous.
A Tartan Pattern can be different colors depending on the purpose of the Dress.
Do you remember the movie
"Braveheart" 1995
'Wallace Clan'
Starring Mel Gibson-Won Best Picture Oscar

Wallace Red is my favorite
The tartan pattern dates back to 1842

'Wallace Green'
Wallace Hunting

Wallace Blue 
Dated 1985

'Dundee Wallace'
Dated 1891

'Wallace Blue Dress(Dance)

'Wallace Dress-Black
Dated 1842

I wish I would have purchased more clothing, but I didn't have enough time to decide what I wanted to bring home.

Cashmere or Lambswool would be nice.
I love the sign...
since 1437
Made in Scotland

A clothing mosaic is the best way to see all the goodies in one place.
To see more of Scotland go Here.

Yes! I did buy my scarf and jimmy...
I love Scotland
Thanks to Sarah @ Hyacinths for the soul
for having a Tartan Party.
Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

A Big Thank you to my new followers
I hope you enjoy your visits to 
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  1. How fun to name the different patterns for us! Lovin' your cute hat and scarf, they are the perfect souvenirs:@)

  2. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. I think I was into the same store that in the picture. I bought a scarf at Wallace Green to my father. In addition to Edinburgh, I was also to Keith on a folk music festival. Beautiful was. I wish you a nice sunday! Zinnia

  3. Hi Betty, I think Edinburgh may be my favorite city in the entire world! I just loved it there and cannot wait to return! There is so much tartan for sale on the royal mile, and it is difficult to choose! I purchased many scarves, but I am going back to get some larger items, now that I know what to expect. The Wallace tartan is also a favorite of mine. Thanks for the tour! Linda

  4. Hello Betty!

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos of your trip!
    I see now that Edinburgh has moved much higher on My List of
    places to see! Love your hat and scarf. I would just go
    crazy if I got to see (and maybe buy) all those beautiful plaids
    in one place at one time. Would like to own the whole basket of gloves!

    Thanks so much for joining the
    Tartan Parade this morning!


  5. I have the same scarf I now need one of those hats!
    I didn't realize the patterns were named as such.
    Happy Tartan Day! & Tartan Parade.

  6. Betty, thanks for taking us along on your trip. Loved seeing your photos. We were in Edinburgh in the 80s, and I so want to return to Scotland. There is so much to see!
    Your tartan post is fabulous. The images of the different tartans are a treat! Thanks for joining the parade.

  7. Great post, so many pretty tartans! I didn't know they were called jimmy hats, interesting!
    Here from the Parade!

  8. Hi Betty
    What a great post for the Tartan Parade, love your hat & scarf.
    Edinburgh has long been on my bucket list, one day!

  9. A a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. This post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

    I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:


    Happy Tartan Day!

  10. Betty, You look perfectly dressed in your tartan hat and scarf! So cute! Love the Wallace tartans and all the fun shopping photos from Edinburgh. Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade. Happy Tartan Day!

  11. How incredibly cool!!!!!! I know you had the time of your life in Scotland! I would love to visit someday. I REALLY need to get over this fear of flying! How else am I going to have a chance of meeting and marrying Rod Stewart? :-)

  12. Some really pretty tartans out there! Gotta find me a jimmy!

  13. We hope to go within the next year or two.. You found some keepers.. xo marlis

  14. Thanks so much for joining the Tartan Parade. You have made me realize that a trip to Scotland is a must. My son in law is Welsh, so it will be a great trip indeed. First Wales, then Scotland! I think I would go a little crazy there with all that plaid. I would have to bring home another suitcase!
    Thanks for sharing. ~Delores

  15. What a great photo of you in your tartan scarf and jimmy. Love the big smile.

  16. You look great wearing your tartan. One doesn't very often get to see a sign "since 1437" anywhere! Fantastic.

  17. Great images! I would love for you to visit me at My Dream Canvas :-) You have a lovely blog.

  18. I adore tartan plaids, my whole life and there is one plaid that I remember from my teen years and oh how I wish I knew which one it was called, there are hundreds and hundreds of names and colour choices. Happy Easter season~

  19. soaking up all the incredible inspiration today!

    come visit my blog and giveaway:

    smiles to you.


  20. Your trip looked wonderful....I have always wanted to go to both Scotland and Ireland....just for the shopping!!


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