I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, January 20, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Fun

Hi everyone,
I'm delighted you decided to visit My Cozy Corner today.
How was your weekend? My weekend was delightful. I wanted to share with you what I did on Saturday afternoon. First of all our weather is still so warm and beautiful. The Governor has declared the state of California is in a drought.
The temperature was in the 70's on Saturday afternoon and my dear friends I've know for over 45 years called and invited me to join them to visit an antique and vintage show at our local mall. 
Last week I posted my Tea Cup and Saucer collection. HERE
My question was: Do I need more tea cups? My answer was Yes! LOL!
I saw some beauties...

I also saw an interesting demonstration about tatting. 
Tatting adds elegance and flair to our favorite items. 
This is how to make handmade lace. Wow!
This is called Russian lace making.
After looking at all the wonderful antiques we decided to have lunch at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Sacramento River. I'm sorry you can barely see Mt Shasta to the right in the distance. There is snow just covering the very top. Usually during January Mt. Shasta is covered with snow and looks like a sparkling diamond against the blue sky...Maybe next month I'll have a photo of her in all her glory. 
A beautiful inlet in the Sacramento River. A sanctuary for the geese and ducks.
A view of the beautiful homes on the bluffs. What a beautiful view they must have looking out of their windows and seeing such a beautiful sight. With all the dry weather the bluffs look rather brown and rough, but the view of those beautiful homes is amazing. 
Well, that's how I spent my Saturday afternoon...I know poor me. LOL.
I will be sharing with a few parties this week.
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  1. Sounds like a perfect day! :) So much eye candy in this post! :) The Russian lace making..so interesting! :)

  2. I would have been tempted to buy more teacups too, lots of nice ones. It is nice to see someone still doing tatting, it is becoming a lost art.

  3. Hi Betty,
    It sounds like you spent a splendid day with your friends. What fun you had. I love to see mountains. We don't have them here on the Island but I see them whenever we visit my son in Vancouver, B.C. They have a lovely view of mountains where they live. They always take my breath away. Thank you for coming to tea and sharing your enjoyable outing with us. Have a lovely week.


  4. Just found your blog today, via Brenda at A Cozy Little House. Waving to you from Roseville! We were out at Folsom Lake last weekend and it's so sad--waiting to see how long before we have water issues here. I've been enjoying the warm weather, but would gladly trade it for some rain!

  5. Hope you get some rain soon - and snow. I would send you some of our rain from the East coast, but we may need it later. Beautiful photography.

  6. the handmade lacemaking looks like quite an arduous process, requiring a lot of patience, but how beautiful the results! I can't resist a new tea cup either!

  7. Your Saturday sounds like it was just perfect, my kind of day! I love, love teacups and your header is showstopping!! I can't ever have enough of the delightful little cups, can you? I'm really happy I found your impressive blog!

  8. Lucky lady! My grandmother could tat but was unable to share her skill with me (she suffered a stroke several years after I was born). I've always wanted to see someone do it. What a great experience to see all of these crafts being displayed!

  9. My very favorite post was the Russian lace....amazing!
    JM Illinois

  10. It looks like you had a terrific time! I miss California weather - but am looking forward to possible snow. I mean, if it is going to be this cold it might as well snow! Love your collection and am fascinated at the lace information! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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