I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hello Everyone,
It's Rodeo Week in this part of the country and
I want to share with you my Cowboy Tablescape
~These boots are made for walking on the table ~

I decided to have a party outside in the patio today.  Finally the weather is around the 80's.  Yesterday it was raining so hard I couldn't get outside to pick the beautiful Roses for this post. But,
today the weather is fabulous.

When I saw these Cowboys I knew I wanted to set a table to celebrate Rodeo Week.

Would you believe the Cowboys are Christmas tree ornaments? Yep!!! I bought them at Macy's after Christmas on sale.

Simple Rustic Plates and Colorful Flatware

I love my Cowboy Boots.  I wear them once a year during  Rodeo Week.
On Friday morning the Rodeo Committee holds an annual pancake breakfast from 5 until 10 in the morning. Serving over 10,000 people.  It's Amazing!!! On Friday night I wear my Cowboy boots to the Rodeo. It's awesome fun to watch the clowns and the animals.  And the cowboys riding and roping.  When I go to the Rodeo I feel just like a Cowgirl From the old West.

The color of the printed napkin reminds me of an old Western blanket and the Red napkin accents the beautiful Don Juan Roses.

What a great texture these old boots have. And beautifully worn with age.

How about a cold drink in a Mason jar?

Ride 'Em Cowboy / Don't let em throw you down / You can't make no money If you hit the ground.

Don Juan Roses from the garden.  'At Last'

'I love my Boots'

Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner
Napkin holders - Macy's this year
Cowboy boots - Tony Lama 1975
Tablecloth - Big Lots
Flatware - Big box store
Canning jars - My garage
Printed napkins - Church yard sale in April 2011
Red Napkins - Years ago
White plates - Pier 1 New Essentials Classic-years ago
Brown plates - Chateau 1975
Clear plates - Garage sale .10 cents each




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