I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enjoy Some Polynesian Fun!

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.
The girls and I enjoyed a wonderful day and evening visiting the beautifully appointed Cultural Center.
My favorite part of visiting the center is the parade of islands.  The center has an exciting performance with the canoe pageant and my favorite island is Tahiti.  WOW!!! 

The girls.  Beth is 10 years old is standing in the middle.  Every family has a drama queen!
We had a great time eating, laughing and sharing a wonderful experience.

The spectacular 42-acre Polynesian Cultural Center brings to life the traditions, history and hospitality of the islands of the South Pacific. 

Each island demonstrates the way of life in the early days  on the islands.
This is on the island of Samoa, where the coconut is used for clothing, food, fire and music. 

The Samoan is showing us how to open a coconut in ONE EASY STEP.

The canoe pageant starts with the island of Tahiti and the island of Hawaii is next.
The costumes are the authentic dress of the early settlers of the Hawaiian islands.

The colors are so bright and amazing dances are performed by the entertainers.
We saw all the islands perform again in the evening show call  HA: Breath of Life.
Fabulous.  A must see.

Last canoe is the ~KING~ and court.

Before the Canoe Pageant starts a canoe comes along the edge of the bank and sells this wonderful 
Sherbet Delight dessert.  Of course we had to have one.  So Hawaiian!

While at the Luau Dinner a show is presented.  Explaining all the different kinds of dress of the King's court.

A replica of an Early Mission House 

An Early Mission Chapel on the islands

Grand place to visit if you are on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner and please come back soon.

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  1. I really enjoyed my visit there too. Terrific shots.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. Thanks for sharing with us the floats and presentations. Do you know that in the older days getting coconuts here is just like that too! These days only a very few souls attempt to do some climbing like that, we now commonly use poles and knives to cut those coconuts.


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