I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm in Love

I know I'm fickle.
 I fall in Love with so many pretty things.

The beautiful petite blue and yellow Lusterware teapot seen here with its luminous diamond design has cups and saucers that are so delicate and thin as to be almost translucent, and especially refined touch. The tea set was made by the Phoenix China company and bears the mark "Made in Checho-Slovakia."

I looked around my home to see if I had any Lusterware and I found two tea cups and saucers that have the same iridescent appearance as the tea set in the photo.
As Mary from A Stroll Thru Life would say "Yip-Skip" and I agree Yip-Skip!!!!

One is mostly Pink and the other is mostly Yellow.  The sun is shining into my dining room and I seized the moment for this photograph.

I love the pearled look inside the cup.

Never can have too much Gold.

Just a Note: The tea cups and saucers have no markings on the bottom and
I bought them at a yard sale last year. Yip-Skip.....

I Love Lusterware!!!!!!

Thank you for Visiting My Cozy Corner.

Post Script: To find out more about the 'Lenten Rose' in the vase. Please Go HERE.



  1. Gorgeous Betty!
    I Love them "ALL"...The teapot and cups and saucers are PERFECT for serving your little Lemon blueberry tarts! "LOVE THAT"!!!
    It just so happens that "I FOUND a WHOLE LOT of Germany trios in LUSTERWARE this week at GOODWILL..."YIP-SKIP"..."YIP-SKIP"!!! AND they were all HALF OFF with their darling color sticker matching the GREEN!!! How great is that!!!
    NOW I'm in the mood for LEMON BLUEBERRY TARTS!
    Big Hugs,

  2. I too love lusterware - mostly because of the WHIMSY aspect! Very pretty and just plain FUN!

  3. Ooooh! So pretty...love the pearlized surface! The stacked cups are charming~ I especially like the top photo. Wow, the table looks inviting :)
    Stop by for tea with Alice~

  4. I recently fell in love with lusterware as well. I've been on quite a collecting spree and have been lucky enough to find beautiful periwinkle, pink, and even light green tea sets.
    I agree with Bernideen's comment about the whimsy aspect...just plain joy at the sight of this 'bubble like' prettiness.

    ~ Diane


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