I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Tribute

Hello Everyone,
I'm home from my vacation.  The girls and I landed at San Jose airport at 8:45p.m. Monday evening. Sweetheart drove four hours to pick us up.  I stayed on in Santa Clara to help with my mother, while my sister visited Hawaii for seven days.

This is a Mother's Day tribute to my mother~

My mother is amazing. 
 She survived the depression. 
At age 91- Born March 14, 1921 she is still living in the first house she and my father purchased in November 1951.  61 years ago. 

My mother was  paralyzed in August 1992 on her left side. She lost complete use of her left arm and left leg.  My mother can dress herself and tie her shoes, and for many years used a cane.
 She cooks for herself and manages her own finances.
 She is now confined to a power-chair, but that doesn't stop her at all.
 She does her own laundry, and every Wednesday  my sister takes her to have her hair washed and set.
  On Friday the priest comes to her house and give her communion.
 She became a Roman Catholic in 1975 on my parents Thirty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

She has lived in Santa Clara Valley for 71 years.  
She is a gardener.
Was a Folk Dancer.
Canned garden vegetables for 35 years. 
Worked at Hewlett Packard from 1955-1962
and loved to play bingo after retirement.
She loves cute young looking clothes and purses.

My mother's favorite flower is the Peony.

The Peonies in the mosaic are blooming right now in my mother's back yard.
The weather in the Santa Clara Valley is perfect to grow most flowers. The bay extends down to Santa Clara and a cool breeze comes into the valley in the early evening during the summer months. 

My mother calls this rose a "San Jose" rose.  I don't know of any rose with that name, but my mother is always RIGHT...

I believe it is grown on its own root and has been climbing up this fence as long as I can remember.

A beautiful apricot rose is blooming in the back yard now. My mother can look out the kitchen window and see the beautiful rose bush.  I don't know the name of this rose, but it is just a beauty.

On Tuesday Sweetheart and I trimmed and picked the lemons from the neighbor's tree.
The branch was loaded with Meyer Lemons and they are thick skinned and delicious.
I made some lemonade and ice tea for a refreshing 'Arnold Palmer' drink
Very refreshing 

The limb was hanging almost to the ground.

Sweetheart and I took home three boxes of lemons we will be squeezing lemons for awhile. 
I use the lemon juice for:
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Curd
Plain Lemon Juice for Fish and Chicken

We trimmed and cut all the branches into small pieces and put them in the green waste. 
Sweetheart did all the trimming. I held the branches and picked lemons.

My mother's yard attracts lots of birds and grey squirrels

While watching the grey squirrels jump from tree to tree. 
 I saw a Mourning Dove sitting under the Camellia bush. The doves love drinking from
the bird bath and making their nests in the nearby trees.

What an amazing sight to see in the middle of Silicon Valley 

Yes, My Mother is Amazing...
Thank you so much for visiting 
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  1. Gorgeous flowers, your gardens and yard must look lovely in person. Beautiful photos and mosaic, have a happy Sunday!

  2. Your mom sounds amazing! I adore peonies too and I see the most beautiful roses grown in Ca! I envy all that citrus that drips from the trees! Happy Mother's Day :)

  3. How wonderful that your Mom is so active at 91, she sounds like a lady who totally enjoys life. Peony is my favorite flower-these look wonderful. I really envy having all those lemons, we use lemons so much-it adds so much to fish and chicken dishes.Yum-hope you are having a fantastic Mothers Day.

  4. Your Mother sounds like quite a woman and your floral tribute to her is very nice.
    That is a lot of lemons picked, enjoy.

  5. How wonderful! Your mother is a very spunky, courageous gal. I admire her grit. I'll never have a lemon tree growing in my yard, which is a shame. Those lemons look wonderful.

  6. Happy Mother's Day. It would be wonderful to be a part of Seasonal Sundays. You might be interested in my $100.00 Give Away.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Beautiful images, all. I'd love to see those lemons being picked!
    Your flower photos were a lovely tribute to your mother.

  8. Your mother is amazing. You are so fortunate to still have her with you.

  9. What a special tribute for your momma and she does sound like a very lovely woman, and she must have some good genes as well. I think that anytime, we can overcome something like your momma has, that makes us even stronger. The Peonies, and Roses are gorgeous and those Lemons, wow, I would love those in my yard. Have a great week~


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