I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Persimmon Squares

I'm joining Southern in My Heart. 
A Cookie Exchange Party

As you know, I have been cooking for 50 years.  When I was first married I didn't know how to boil water. Actually I burned hot dogs in a pan when the water boiled away. (We might have been busy) Anyway.  

 I have come a long way baby!!!!!!

Because I couldn't cook - I had to learn.
I thought I would share the cover of my first cook book.  I received this cook book as a wedding gift.  I told someone at work I didn't know how to cook, and she made a profound statement. 
Do you know how to read?  Yes, I did and this is the book I read.

It been around for awhile.  I have taped it with masking tape and
I actually cooked with the book open on the stove.  WOW!!!!
I had a little fire and the shape of the electric burner burned the cover of my new cook book during the first year of my marriage.
Oh my Goodness.......
Years later......

Persimmon Squares

This is the family's favorite cookie recipe I bake during the Holidays.

Persimmons ripen after the first frost in the fall.  A fellow down the street has a persimmon tree and sells persimmons every year.  If a persimmon is eaten when  first picked it is bitter.  The persimmon needs to ripen and become very soft to extract the pulp.  The pulp needs to be smooth without the fiber to add to the cookie dough. I use a foley food mill to process the pulp.

This recipe was clipped from the local newspaper in 1975. 

When I first baked the persimmon squares they were a big hit.
Every year when the persimmon tree has the beautiful fruit hanging down and the fellow opens his stand my sweetheart brings home a few to ripen for Persimmon Squares. Also the butter frosting is just heavenly on the squares.  Is it the squares or is it the butter?

During the next two weeks I will be baking more goodies to give away as gifts.
As, I know this is a busy time of year, I still love to share sweets and things with our special friends and family.
I hope you enjoyed your visit to My Cozy Corner.
Please link back to The Cookie Exchange Party for some great treats to cook during this wonderful time of year.



  1. Oh Betty! I LOVE that you showed the cover of that cookbook...what a lot of love it has gotten! I have never heard of using persimmons like this but you have definitely convinced me it would be worth the try. They sound delicious! Thank you so much for linking up to our first ever Virtual Cookie Exchange! :-)

  2. It is so nice to meet you -- thanks for stopping by my post on the four grandgirls -- you know the blessing -- your sweet words warms this Nana's heart -- happy holiday baking!

  3. This is also my first cookbook! I didn't receive it new but have loved it all the same.

  4. These cookies sound wonderful. I've never cooked with persimmons, but I think you've inspired me. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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