I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Year in Review 2014

Hello everyone,
This year is almost at an end. Bloggers have a yearly tradition to post a monthly review of some past year's posts. I will be doing two different reviews this year. This post is all about mosaics. 
I have a large garden and flowers are a favorite part of photography and mosaic making. I love to make mosaics and last January I was in a frenchy mood and my daffodils were blooming like crazy. Almond Crescent cookies and Crème brûlée 
February is a romantic month and my red tulips were in full bloom. I made Linzer cookies for the first time and DOVE candy is always on my menu.
The 100 daffodil blubs I planted in the fall of 2012 were photo ready.
April is a favorite month in the garden. The Dutchman's pipe vine is starting to bloom and is a California native plant. Also the Dutchman's pipe vine is the host food for the Pipe vine Swallowtail Butterfly. 
May was a busy month in the garden. I was honored to be invited to host the annual Shasta County Rose Society  Garden Tour. Sweetheart and I worked for two months to prepare for the one day event.  We had perfect weather.  The temp was 80 degrees and dry
June the weather was mild and the roses just kept blooming. On Mother's Day I received a green house and I arranged some roses to show off my green house and my make believe flower shop. I love to pretend I'm a flower vendor on a beautiful street corner in Paris. 
July is the month we entertain our granddaughters. I filled a wooden box with flatware, napkins, paper plates and salt and pepper shakers and some straws. I wanted easy access to the essentials for our outdoor dining. A variety of roses are in my french inspired vase and my french inspired tea towel protects everything from dust and bugs. We love to eat our lunch outside during the summer months and in the evenings we will come outside to visit and eat dessert. The nights in the summer are in the low  90's most of the month of July.
August is the hottest time of the year in our part of the country. Sweetheart and I have tried to put some places to sit in the shade in our garden. Actually it has been fun finding different benches for our outdoor spaces.
September is picnic month. The trees are turning their beautiful colors and a picnic basket, blanket and a straw hat are the order of the day. September is one of the most beautiful months of the year in Northern California.
October is the month when my mums go wild. I have several large plants and the orange color of these mums goes perfect with my Halloween mosaic.
November is Gratitude month. I love the definition of the word gratitude.
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
December is the month of celebration. 
Well,  I guess the year has passed and now I'm looking forward to another amazing year. Sweetheart and I are planning to travel a bit more in 2015 and we will be celebrating our 55th Wedding Anniversary in July. Of course the garden is calling my name...I need to prune the roses in a couple of weeks so they will be in beautiful bloom next May. I feel so blessed to have been around this year to share my experience, strength and hope with all my followers and readers.
Bless you all
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  1. Beautiful, inspiring and a very bloggy productive year. You have really amazed us with your gorgeous settings and posts.
    Happy New Year 2015.

  2. Betty, this post was food for the soul as I enjoyed a year of flowers from your garden. How exciting that you will celebrate your 55th anniversary in 2015, I imagine some of the travel will come around then.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday and I wish you a Happy New Year.

  3. Your flowers and images are just gorgeous.. I love the red tulips! Your year in review is just wonderful. Happy Anniversary to you! Traveling is fun! I wish you and your family a very happy & healthy New Year!

  4. Your mosaics are beautiful and so full of colour. What gorgeous flowers you have, especially the roses! Your climate sounds like something I'd enjoy a lot! (It's going down to -18C or 0F) tonight.) I enjoyed seeing your year in mosaic form. Happy New Year to you! Blessings, Pamela (Mosaic Monday)


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