I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Lights Under the Stars

Under the Stars
Holiday Lights

Hello everyone,
Last night, we had our daughter and granddaughters over for dinner. After we finished dinner, my daughter volunteered to clean up the kitchen and I invited my youngest granddaughter to join me for a photo shoot to photograph the Holiday lights under the stars. My granddaughter spotted(watched me so I wouldn't fall down) while I focused the camera on the tripod. There's some pretty rough ground in the road in front of our house and when it gets dark I can't see very well. I love granddaughters...
We keep our outside decorations pretty simple. First, we're older and secondly decorations are expensive. The Dollar Tree was my go-to place this year. I love my window wreaths.
My Disneyland inspired wreath is on the porch next to the wood pile. We have been having a cold front coming in from the Arctic...Alaska. And we have our wood stacked where it's nice and handy to build a warm fire in the fireplace. It's so comfortable and COZY~
Our next door neighbor has a beautiful Christmas display in their front yard. I tried to photograph it, but it's moving so fast and my photo technical skills are very poor. I think a video would be better. Maybe next year.
Well this is 2013 Holiday lights in Northern California on December 3rd.
This is a full view of our home. As you can see my daughter's cute little red KIA is sitting in the driveway. It goes nicely with the colored lights around the house.

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  1. Your house looks so festive with your lights - thanks so much for sharing. Yes, granddaughters are great!

  2. It looks so pretty, I love the wreaths in the windows!

  3. A joy seeing your decorations as well as the neighbors.


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