I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Cozy Corner's Christmas Tree

Hi all, 
We've got a few days left until Christmas Day. The tree is decorated and Sweetheart and I are as ready as we will ever be for Christmas 2013.
This Christmas celebrates our 54th Christmas together. 
Also on Christmas Day I will have been blogging for 4 years. Wow!
 Blogging has changed so such a short time. 

Now to current activities. 
 The Angel Tree has a little different look from last year.
Wrapped in ribbon 
Baby's Breath is tucked in the branches.
This year we bought a new tree. 
This tree is 6 feet and narrow in width...
I also added more lights. 
The mantel is dressed in Silver and Gold
When Sweetheart and I became Empty-Nester's 24 years ago, I gave the old family ornaments to our children. I started a new collection of  angel ornaments and bought our first artificial tree. Over the years I have collected so many I didn't put  them on all the tree. 

The little white feather tree is in the living room this year.  Last year the feather tree was in the kitchen. I have some new things in the kitchen to share.
I'll have a Christmas Kitchen tour tomorrow. 
Please come back 
A little recap of our CHRISTMAS TREES.
Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner
I will be visiting some wonderful friends.
Seasonal Sunday
Sunday Showcase
Mosaic Monday
Make It Pretty Monday
See you tomorrow


  1. How very bright and lovely your home is! It's just so welcoming and warm, and that mantel is absolutely gorgeous.

    I've joined as a follower and look forward to returning, especially to read about your England/Scotland trip---I got to visit several years ago, and love to reminisce, and to see things I missed.

    Hoping you the most wonderful Christmas!


  2. I just love your Angel tree! And mantel with the gold and silver is just gorgeous. Lovely decorations, very festive. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I Wish you and yours all the best in 2014!

  3. Your angel tree is beautiful with the baby's breath. So airy. Your decorations are lovely.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. This looks SO pretty! I love the tree, and all of the decorations are perfect!

    Dropping by from the Sunday Showcase...

    Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours for a wonderful holiday!



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