I Love Tea Cups

I Love Tea Cups

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kitchen and Dining Room Christmas Tour

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Welcome to my Kitchen and Dining Room Christmas Tour.
The trophy deer antlers are from a hunting trip sweetheart was on in Colorado a few years ago.  
Our fireplace is in the center of our home. It is so wonderful to have the heat in two rooms. Our neighbor gave us some lemons and we need to squeeze them for Christmas treats.  We also love little cuties. 
I love my 'Twelve Days of Christmas Cookie Jar.
I found the Partridge in a Pear Tree at Pottery Barn this year. They are salt and pepper shakers.  
The dining room is decorated in red this year. Red ribbons and Poinsettias. I have a few different wreaths, so this year I took a green wreath and attached my ice skates andpainted the ice skate blades with slate gray paint and gray glitter paint. 
A dream of mine is to learn to ice skate. (of course at my age I've got to watch the bones) you know!
My new favorite thing this holiday season is my Fitz and Floyd cookie jar. I found the cookie jar at Tuesday Morning on Clearance. My heart skipped a beat. While at the thrift store I found a Fitz and Floyd Santa and Tree salt and pepper shakers
My pink transferware dishes have a  special place io top of my crystal cabinet. I have a few bleached Christmas trees and a little snowy church perched on top of the dishes. 
This year I didn't tear  the house up decorating. I decorated around my favorite things. I love to look at my white ironstone collection, but I love to show off my nutcracker collection too.
A happy marriage was made...
The same philosophy works with my Blue and White dish collection. I love the bleached Christmas Trees and a candle or two.

Shall we move into the ♥ heart of our home? I love my kitchen. In June we did an update, but I've only shared some of the details with you.  After the holidays I will get busy and make new valances for the window and show you all the improvements we did on our 1990's kitchen and dining room. For now I want to share with your my Hot drink spot. An instant hot water tea pot is always ready to heat water for hot chocolate or tea. I made the chocolate marshmallow sticks last week and peppermint candy canes are waiting to be stirred into a tasty drink. I just thought~I'm going to the store and buy some spiced cider mix that would be nice too.  Now for the confession part of this post. I love Christmas because I LOVE PANETTONE BREAD.  There, I said it...I enjoy my bread in the morning, afternoon and in the evening during the month of December. Yummy~
 We purchased a new Jen Air range in 1990 when we remodeled our entire home. This past June we purchased a new Jen Air range. This range is digital with a extra 2 inches of oven space. 
A couple of weeks ago I made the dish towel with an iron-on transfer.  JOY TO THE WORLD.  Love my new range.
Let's see, what's next in the kitchen. Oh, yes my little cow creamer. I love coffee with french vanilla creamer. I drink about three cups in the morning, while (lurking) I mean looking at the beautiful inspirational blogs. I only put my cute cow on the counter when company comes to visit. 
She's very fragile. 
Last, but not least are the work horses of the kitchen. 
I have my Twelve Days of Christmas apron and a Let It Snow apron. I have a couple of extra aprons for the grand girls to use when we have our baking day. My 13 year granddaughter loves to bake and my 12 year old granddaughter loves to eat.LOL
I hope you've enjoyed your tour of My Cozy Corner.
Keep coming back!
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Here's hoping your Christmas is a Merry One.


  1. Betty your kitchen is so festive and happy and wonderful. Your enthusiasm speaks volumes, and I am so happy you shared this with us.

    Merry Christmas to you, and a new year of God's greatest blessings be upon you.

  2. Lucky you to have some grand daughters to be in the kitchen with you! Love the comment about one loves to bake and the other one loves to eat! It made me laugh... . Your home looks very warm and inviting for this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and may you be blessed in the coming year.♥♫

  3. Too bad I've stumbled at your blog after the Christmas season. You've had a fantastic and colorful house! I'm sure your families and friends who visited you then was amazed by the beauty of your house. Have you removed the decorations yet? Still want to see your kitchen's current look. :)

    Ryann Hoyer @ Yancey Company

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